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The Virtual Conscious Festival by Green Is The New Black

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· Expo
Conscious Marketplace
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Mindfulness & Meditation
· Networking
NETWORKING: Meet conscious humans around the world!
· Stage
OPENING BUSINESS: Opening - The New Normal
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Digital Marketing Insights & Strategies for the New Normal
Clemence Frechet  Cyril Dhenaut
· Expo
EXPO: 100% Vegan+Gluten-Free Party Platter cooking demo with The Whole Kitchen
· Expo
EXPO: Special Happening at Nature Discovery Park Booth
· Stage
KEYNOTE: We Dont Have Time
Ingmar Rentzhog
· Stage
TALK: Generation Green
Sann Carrière
· Stage
PANEL: Smart cities - 70% of emissions come from cities, what do we do about it?
Camille Loiseau Kerstin Meerwaldt Ellie Tang Esther An
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Food's impact on the environment
· Expo
EXPO: Learning how to do an aroma bag made from orange peel with Happy Earth Farm
· Expo
EXPO: Talk on Regeneration & Showcase of Upcycling/Carbon Capture Collection with SOLAI
· Stage
TALK: Making sustainability affordable
Malin Pettersson-Beckeman
· Stage
PANEL: What has money got to do with sustainability?
Marianne Haahr Mayur Singh Zoe Knight Jakob Thomä
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Positive Innovation - Make Your Digital Products Sustainable
Cédric Mainguy Vini Mota
· Stage
Dr Amy Khor address - COVID-19 and Climate Change: Battling the Crises of a Generation
· Stage
PANEL: Green New Deal - for countries and regions
Robin Hicks Brune Poirson Arizona Muse
· Stage
Brune Poirson address - Secretary of State Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition
· Stage
ANNOUNCEMENT: Green New Deal - for cities
· Stage
KEYNOTE: Leaving the World Lusher than we found it
Ruth Andrade
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Make your money sustainable
Mayur Singh Diane Delava
· Stage
PANEL: The true cost of IT (Green IT)
Bas Fransen Shaili Agrawal Faisal Ramay Kay Vasey
· Stage
TALK: Reducing food waste while building an authentic community
· Sessions
the SHOW - We Dance Into The Cosmos by Stage 6
Anne Langourieux Helena Eriksson
· Stage
TALK: Does the Paris Agreement still exist in 2020?
Anjuli Pandit
· Stage
PANEL: Innovative ways to reduce footprints and offset
Josie Stoker Markus Gnirck Douglas Woodring
· Stage
TALK: Regenerative agriculture
Leyla Acaroglu
· Stage
KEYNOTE: Anatomy of Action with Dr. Leyla
· Stage
CLOSING: The New Normal
· Expo
Conscious Marketplace
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Authentic Relationships for the Health of the Planet by Active Giving
Brittany  Salas
· Networking
· Expo
EXPO: Ocean Plastic Pollution: Microfibers, Microbeads and more - What YOU can do from home by Loop Swim
· Stage
OPENING WELLBEING: Building Resilience
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Writing a letter to the Earth
Kay Michael
· Expo
EXPO: Our Plate and the Planet” Talk with Vegan Keno
· Expo
EXPO: Introduction to Chakras” Workshop with Flo Jewellery
· Expo
EXPO: A Real Good Clean: The Soapnut, Its Benefits, Uses and Recipes with PRTHV
· Expo
EXPO: Wild Foraging: traditional cooking with foraged food" with HAPPY EARTH FARM
· Stage
TALK: The Coronavirus & Being Human
· Stage
TALK: Learn how radical self-care transforms crisis
Libby Davy
· Expo
EXPO: How we support farmers in India with ZENKO Superfoods
· Stage
KEYNOTE: Connect In to Impact the Out
Carl Pratt
· Expo
EXPO: Toothpaste tablets - why shall we all have it? how to use it?
· Expo
EXPO: Sharing about sustainable alternatives: toothpaste tablets, plant bottles and spirulina pasta with
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Sustainable & Conscious Movement
Karina Curlewis
· Expo
EXPO: Eco Candle Making & Showcase of Upcycling/Carbon Capture Collection with SOLAI
· Expo
EXPO: Special Happening at Nature Discovery Park Booth
· Expo
EXPO: Technology + Sustainability: How Can Technology Help Fashion Become More Sustainable? by Loop Swim
· Expo
EXPO:Forgotten Story of Water Lily Pops with ZENKO Superfoods
· Stage
TALK: Experience as Medicine: psychedelics, music and the future of care
Mendel Kaelen
· Expo
EXPO: 100% Vegan+Gluten-Free Cheese Demo Workshop with LivingveggiebyAnia
· Stage
PANEL: Trends in Wellbeing / Toxic Beauty
Jene Roestorf Millie Hunter Phyllis Ellis Yeeli Lee
· Expo
EXPO: Founder's Story! with ZENKO Superfoods
· Stage
TALK: Creative Mental Wellbeing
Tash  Menon
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Students Solution: Universities driving change
· Expo
EXPO: 𝗤𝗨𝗜𝗭 𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗘 (𝗪𝗶𝗻 𝗮𝘁𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗽𝗿𝗶𝘇𝗲𝘀!) with ZENKO Superfoods
· Sessions
EXPO: Why bamboo tissue paper products are better for your home" with THE NURTURING CO
· Stage
SPOKEN WORD: Racism & Environment: This is Everyone’s Fight
Keshia  Hannam
· Expo
EXPO: Special Happening at Nature Discovery Park Booth
· Stage
KEYNOTE: Love, Sex & Relationships: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
Andrea Ochoa Gregorio Avanzini
· Stage
BUSINESS OPENING: Understanding & navigating the business of sustainability
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Embody Wellbeing & Become Your Best Self
Andrea Ochoa Gregorio Avanzini
· Expo
EXPO: Reading Aloud To Children With Dialogue Talk with Health Partners
· Expo
EXPO: Curly Girl Talk with @curlyandkind with HAPPY EARTH FARM
· Stage
PANEL: Is there such a thing as conscious tourism?
Adam Broadbent Benjamin Tay Melanie Kwok Francisca Kellett
· Expo
EXPO: Intro to Jamu Boosters with ZENKO Superfoods
· Stage
TALK: Future of Food, The Plant Based Revolution
Jerome Pagnier
· Networking
· Sessions
the SHOW ROOM #2: Ice Cream Sundays featuring Jake & Muto
· Sessions
the SHOW ROOM #1: SFM/Zepa Records & Dolce Vito La Mamie
· Sessions
the SHOW ROOM #3: Lola Climate Keys
· Expo
Ask us Anything! at ZENKO Superfoods
· Stage
PANEL: Capitalism vs the Climate
 Andrew  Simms Asad Rehman Pratibha Vuppuluri Geoff Lye
· Stage
TALK: Polar Explorer takes on CO2
Barney  Swan
· Stage
KEYNOTE: From Drawdown to Regeneration - Creating the Future We Want Today
Chad  Frischmann
· Stage
PANEL: The New Narrative - Media & Sustainability
Alexie Sommer Robbie Lockie Aja Barber Oliver Balch
· Stage
CLOSING: #LittleGreenSteps from Green Is The New Black
· Expo
EXPO: How to balance your meals on plant based diet" Talk with LivingveggiebyAnia
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: #ThrivingFromRest & yoga nidra with Youmin
· Expo
Conscious Marketplace
· Expo
EXPO: Our Plate and the Planet Talk with Vegan Keno
· Expo
EXPO: Sharing about sustainable alternatives: toothpaste tablets, plant bottles and spirulina pasta
· Networking
NETWORKING: Meet conscious humans around the world!
· Expo
EXPO: 10 min taster of energy healing" with Zeroyet100
· Stage
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: From corporate junkies to well-being champs - A wholistic guide
Delphine Berger Sandra Lim
· Expo
EXPO: Special Happening at Nature Discovery Park Booth
· Stage
PANEL: Sustainability is overrated, let's talk about regeneration
Rory Spowers Nora Gherbi Glen Reynolds Christabel Reed Hollie Booth
· Stage
KEYNOTE: Decolonising sustainability
Aditi Mayer
· Expo
EXPO: Spirulina pasta - Can one ingredient give you a huge amount of proteins, vitamins and nutrients? Yes. This is vegan, natural and you too should try it by
· Expo
EXPO: Happiness Is A Plant-Based Meal Talk with Health Partners
· Expo
EXPO: Ocean Plastic Pollution + Microfibers, Microbeads and more - What YOU can do from home by LOOP SWIM
· Stage
PANEL: Should we rely on technolology to solve environmental issues?
Zion  Lights Claire  Kneller Frank Meehan Assaad Razzouk
· Stage
PANEL: Do we need a rebellion?
Ihssane Benalluch Tolmeia Gregory Skeena Rathor
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: The Neurophysiology of Connection
· Expo
EXPO: Persian Magical Journey Ash Reshteh Cooking Demo Workshop with LivingveggiebyAnia
· Expo
EXPO: Tires to Soles : 100k tires recycled into durable shoes. Hear the Indosole Story at INDOSOLE
· Stage
FASHION OPENING: Time for a revolution
· Stage
PANEL: When social enterprises flirt with luxury
Stefano Funari Diana Verde Nieto Bernice Pan
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Compost your meaning + evolve with Libby Davy
Libby Davy
· Sessions
EXPO: Plant Based Diet - challenges and practical tips Talk with LivingveggiebyAnia
· Sessions
EXPO: Denim Care Workshop + Q&A with MUD Jeans
· Expo
· Stage
PANEL: Is Fast Fashion Bad?
Ani Wells Christina Dean Laura Francois
· Expo
EXPO: What’s the latest in Circular and Zero Waste Fashion?
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Alchemy of Dance Online Circle
· Stage
TALK: Fashion On A Dead Planet
Clare Farrell
· Stage
PANEL: The Future of Fashion
Alexander Chan Geraldine Wharry Tamsin Lejeune Justine Porterie Christine Goulay Sophia Scott
· Stage
KEYNOTE: Greening the Glam of Fashion
Harriet Vocking
· Sessions
WORKSHOP: Divination for Justice - for a fairer world
· Stage
PANEL: Planet-Centric Design
Amanda Johnston Brittany Burns Laura Vicaria
· Stage
CLOSING: From Green Is The New Black


Delphine Berger

Welltowork Founder

Sophia Scott

Co Founder & Co Director GROUNDTRUTH Global

Brittany Burns

Director of Strategy and Development @Fashion For Good

Shaili Agrawal

Employee Enablement Lead @Microsoft APAC

Tamsin Lejeune

Founder @Ethical Fashion Forum and CEO @Ethical Fashion Group & Common Objective

Christina Dean

Founder @Redress and @The R Collective. Sustainable fashion advocate and one of the UK’s Top 30 Inspirational Women.

Geraldine Wharry

Founder & Managing Director @ Trend Atelier and Fashion Futurist on a mission to implement preferable futures

Clemence Frechet

CEO & Co-Founder - Elixus Agency

Meg He

Co-founder @ADAY and brazilian jiu jitsu competitor

Lisa Oxenham

Beauty & Style Director @Marie Claire Founder of #LiseOfLife

Diana Verde Nieto

Co-Founder and CEO

Pratibha Vuppuluri

Managing Director, Global Portfolio @Unreasonable Group

Geoff Lye


Aja Barber

Writer, stylist and consultant @ajabarber

Adam Broadbent

CEO & Co-founder @ZuBlu

Claire Kneller

Head of Food @ WRAP Global, Food loss & waste expert in love with Mexico City

Phyllis Ellis

Director, Writer, Producer @Toxic Beauty

Andrea Ochoa

Founder @Breath of One & Holistic artist and Wellness coach

Leyla Acaroglu

Founder & Chief Disrupter and Professional Sustainability Provocateur

Libby Davy

Coach & Mentor, Co-Founder @ The Re-Generation

Skeena Rathor

Co-Leader @ Extinction Rebellion

Carl Pratt

Founder @FuturePlanet. Empowers change-makers to create sustainable, regenerative futures and innovation.

Alexander Chan

Co-Director @ The Mills Fabrica

Kerry Bannigan

Founder @ Conscious Fashion Campaign

Asad Rehman

Founder @ War On Want

Chad Frischmann

VP & Co-Author @ Project Drawdown

Barney Swan

Founder @ClimateForce and first man to walk the South Pole only on renewable energy.

Tash Menon

Director / Founder @Mash. Curator of talented creatives, she revolutionises freelancing.

Zion Lights

Spokesperson @Extinction Rebellion UK, Editor in Chief @The Hourglass. "Britain's greenest mother" passionate about ever

Laura Francois

Co-founder @The Spaceship and ANEWKIND. Arts and design thinking at the service of environmental and social impact.

Keshia Hannam

Speaker, Writer, Activist. . Builds female communities around the globe.

Zoe Knight

Managing Director and Group Head @HSBC Centre of Sustainable Finance

Christine Goulay

Head of Sustainable Innovation @Kering

Jean-François Thery

Head of Growth & Director @UltraSuperNew

Josie Stoker

Co-Founder @Capture

Ruth Andrade

Regenerative Impact, Earth Care & Giving. [email protected]

Douglas Woodring

Founder, Managing Director @Ocean Recovery Alliance

Mendel Kaelen

Founder and Experience as Medicine: psychedelics, music and the future of careCEO @Wavepaths

Francisca Kellett

former Travel Editor @TATLER magazine & co-founder @Mundi & Co

Laura Vicaria

CSR Manager & Digital Solutions @Mud Jeans international BV

Clare Farrell

Co-Founder @Extinction Rebellion

Harriet Vocking

Chief Brand Officer @Eco Age Ltd

Bas Fransen

CEO and Founder @EcoMatcher

Esther An

Chief Sustainability Officer @City Developments Limited

Kay Vasey

Chief Connecting Officer @MeshMinds & Founder @The MeshMinds Foundation

Benjamin Tay

Executive Director @PM Haze

Markus Gnirck

Head of Asia Oceanworks

Marianne Haahr

Director @Green Digital Finance Alliance

Melanie Kwok

Senior Sustainability Manager @Sino Group

Sann Carrière

Founder @So Now

Assaad Razzouk

Chairman & CEO @Sindicatum Renewable Energy and an Angry Clean Energy Guy

Faisal Ramay

Head of Technology Transformation @PALO IT

Robbie Lockie

Director & co-founder @Plant Based News

Frank Meehan


Christabel Reed

Founder & Director @EcoResolution & @Advaya

Aditi Mayer

Photojournalist, Workers Rights Activist, Sustainable Fashion Blogger

Glen Reynolds

Director @SEARRP: The Rainforest Research Partnership

Malin Pettersson-Beckeman

Head of Sustainability Communications and Engagement - IKEA

Anjuli Pandit

Sustainable Finance @BNP Paribas

Kerstin Meerwaldt

Head of Urban Intelligence & Demand Management, Corporate Strategy Sustainability & Mobility @BMW Group

Nora Gherbi

WHo CAREs Chronicles!?

Ellie Tang

Director, Nature Discovery Park

Bernice Pan

Founder & Creative Director @DEPLOY London

Ingmar Rentzhog

Eco-warrior, CEO and founder @We Don't Have Time

Gregorio Avanzini

Founder @Breathe of One

Jakob Thomä

Managing Director @2° Investing Initiative

Jerome Pagnier

Co-Founder @WiseFins Hospitality. Combines the use of ancient practices and clean technology to create sustainable hospi

Jene Roestorf

Founder @LUXE Botanics, also a beauty activist with a solid biological science background and a global ingredient hunter

Rory Spowers

Founder and Editor @The Re-Generation. Brings the mystical breeze of a new-paradigm consciousness.

Mayur Singh

Co-Founder & CEO @Mattrvest who launched the My Money My Planet initiative

Amanda Johnston

Curator and Consultant at The Sustainable Angle

Tolmeia Gregory

Ethical & sustainable fashion activist and blogger @Tolly Dolly Posh. Her environmental GIF stickers have been viewed ac

Alexie Sommer

Design & Communications Director @Think Sketch Design. Delivers positive impact to cultural, sustainable and environment

Andrew Simms

Co-director @NewWeather Institute. Author, political economist and campaigner who originally developed the concept of Ea

Cyril Dhenaut

CEO & Co-Founder - Elixus Agency

Oliver Balch

British freelance journalist and writer, specialising on the environment, international development and business

Robin Hicks

Deputy editor @Eco-Business

Camille Loiseau

Social Innovation Manager @Sparknews

Yeeli Lee

CEO & Founder of FA8&CO

Ihssane Benalluch

Social media Influencer

Helena Eriksson

CEO & Founder of STAGE 6

Anne Langourieux

Art Night Singapore Co-founder & We Dance Co-Founder

Cédric Mainguy

Chief Innovation Officer of PALO IT

Diane Delava

Co Founder of mattrvest

Karina Curlewis

Curator & Movement Artist

LOla Perrin

ClimateKeys,composer pianist

Sandra Lim

Green Monday

Justine Porterie

Head of Sustainability @Depop

Arizona Muse

Fashion model, Sustainability advocate

Stefano Funari


Hollie Booth

Conservation scientist, Conservation Hierarchy & Oxford University

Millie Hunter

Head of Marketing & Partnerships @LUÜNA Natural

Ani Wells

Head of Digital Content @Conscious Fashion Campaign

Brune Poirson

Secretary of State attached to the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition

Sophie Aubert

Advisor on Reform Implementation - Cabinet of the State Secretary Ministry for Ecological and Solidarity Transition

Kay Michael

Co-Director Letters to the Earth

Vini Mota

Design Lead PALO IT

Brittany Salas

Co-Founder of Active Giving

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