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Alexandru Telea

Professor, Utrecht University

Tamara Munzner

Professor, UBC CS

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The Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction.


Enabling Comparative Analysis of Election Data in Ecuador

Gonzalo Gabriel Méndez and Oscar Moreno

Software Galaxies: Displaying Coding Activities using a Galaxy Metaphor

Daniel Atzberger, Willy Scheibel, Daniel Limberger, and Jürgen Döllner

Using Scrollytelling to Explain Voting Power in Ecuador

Gonzalo Gabriel Méndez and Patricio Mendoza

A Web-Based Tool for Analysing Formula 1 Races and Seasons

Sebastian Eckl, Nick Kerschagel, and Uwe Kloos

POEM: People-Oriented EMail for Social Connectedness

Maitreya Save and Benjamin Watson