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Vermont Fest 2020

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Conference How-To: Tutorial and Orientation
Learn about how to navigate our virtual conference with this kick-off tutorial and orientation.
Jeff Mao Jeff Renard
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Block B | KEYNOTE: Secretary of Education, Dan French
Making Revisions to the Grammar of Schooling: Reflections on the Final Report of the Continuity of Learning Task Force
Dan French
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Block C
Monica Cougan Michelle Licata Jennifer Fribush Barbara Huth Bryan L Miller Rachel Swanson Jon Smith Matt Brooks Lexus Words Jeff Renard April Shaw
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Block D
Christy Crawford Vikas Gupta Ricky Mak Nefertiti Dukes David Lockett Terri Vest Jennifer Fribush Kim Bovill
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Wednesday Night Dinner
Get your dinner, and bring it back to your computer! Join a session room, and have dinner with friends, new and old!
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Daily Door Prize is Announced!
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Block E
Monica Cougan Amy  Stefanski Jennifer Ehehalt Lexus Words Jeff Renard Chris Johnstone Jennifer Fribush
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Block F
Monica Cougan Bobbi Jo Carter Casey Nuttall Tali Horowitz Susie Simmons Amy  Stefanski Judy Houle Lexus Words Nancy Daigle Jim Chlebak Kim Bovill
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Block G
Session Block including Featured Speaker, Shannon Miller!
Ashley  Carafiello Nerissa Tower Cameron Thompson Jason Cote Shannon Miller Daniel Davis Jane Scott
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Block H
Michelle Licata Shannon Miller Luis Perez Victoria Saylor Casey Nuttall Doug Levin Kathleen  McClaskey
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Thursday Night Dinner
Get your dinner, and bring it back to your computer! Join a session room, and have dinner with friends, new and old!
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Daily Door Prizes at the Vita Learn Annual Meeting
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Block I | KEYNOTE: Michael Cato & Dr. Sherri Braxton
Speech from Michael Cato, Sr. VP and CIO, Bowdoin College & Sherri Braxton Sr. Director of Instructional Technology, University of Maryland
Sherri Braxton Michael Cato
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Block J | KEYNOTE: Robert Goodman
Asynchronous Virtual Constructivism: A Key to Remote Teaching in a COVID World
Robert Goodman
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Block K
Kate Baker Jason Cote Barbara Huth Jennifer Ehehalt Robert Goodman Nancy Daigle Jeff Renard Chris Johnstone Kim Bovill
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Block L
Jennifer Fribush Barbara Huth Luis Perez Shannon DeSantis Gile Robert Goodman April Shaw Lisa Helme
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Expo Area is Open!
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Friday Night Dinner
Get your dinner, and bring it back to your computer! Join a session room, and have dinner with friends, new and old!
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Costume Contest & Daily Door Prize is Announced!
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Block M
Victoria Saylor Amy  Stefanski Jim Moulton Lucie deLaBruere
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Expo Area is Open!
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Block N | KEYNOTE: Mia Shaw
Restorying the Dominant Narrative: A Critical Approach Towards Reimagining Computing Identities
Mia Shaw
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Block O
Session Block including Featured Speaker, Steve Garton!
Mia Shaw Peter Struble Steve Garton
· Sessions
Block P
Susie Simmons Steve Garton Lucie deLaBruere Kathleen  McClaskey
· Sessions
Saturday Brunch, Door Prizes, And Conference Closing


Ashley Carafiello

Assistant Director, VTVLC

Cameron Thompson

VTVLC Student

Nerissa Tower

VTVLC Student

Monica Cougan

Senior Product Marketing Professional, ENA

Jennifer Leonard

eSolutions Specialist, Florida Virtual School

Michelle Licata

Account Manager, FLVS Global

Vikas Gupta

Co-Founder and CEO, Wonder Workshop

Christy Crawford

Director Of Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education, Computer Science For All, New York City Public Schools

Sherri Braxton

Senior Director of Instructional Technology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County'

Kate Baker

Senior Community Engagement Manager, Edmodo

Bobbi Jo Carter

Associate Dean of Distance Education, Northern Vermont University

Ricky Mak

Customer Success, WeVideo

Jane Scott

Jane Scott, Educator Facilitator, MetaMetrics, Inc

Peter Struble

PowerSchool Account Manager

Daniel Davis

Strategic Sales Consultant, PowerSchool

Nefertiti Dukes

Educator Growth Lead, Screencastify

Matt Brooks

Education Leadership Executive, Apple Inc.

Jon Smith

Teacher Success Manager, Book Creator

Rachel Swanson

Senior Solutions Engineer, Instructure

Amy Stefanski

District Librarian, Dunlap School District #323, IL

Susie Simmons

6-12 Tech Coach, Maine School Administrative District 6

Mia Shaw

PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education

Victoria Saylor

Education Manager, Common Sense Education

Luis Perez

Technical Assistance Specialist, National Center on Accessible Educational Materials

Bryan L Miller

Senior Director Global Strategic Outreach, Wonder Workshop

Shannon Miller

Innovation Director of Instructional Technology and Library Media, Van Meter Community School, IA

Barbara Huth

Education Program Manager, Common Sense Education

Tali Horowitz

New York Education Director, Common Sense Education

Dan French

Secretary of Education, State of Vermont

Jason Cote

Solutions Engineer, Aruba

Michael Cato

Senior Vice President And Chief Information Officer, Bowdoin College

Steve Garton

Senior Manager, Common Sense Education

Jennifer Ehehalt

Senior Regional Manager, Common Sense Education

Judy Houle

Senior Vice President and Chief Education Officer at The Management Solution, Inc.

Jim Moulton

Education Consultant

Robert Goodman

Executive Director, New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning

Terri Vest

Dean of Students, Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative

Casey Nuttall

Regional Sales Director, Mastery Connect

Shannon DeSantis Gile

Middle and High School Librarian, People's Academy

David Lockett

Albert Einstein Science Fellow, NASA

Doug Levin

President, EdTech Strategies | K-12 Cybersecurity Resource

Nancy Daigle

VSLA Mentoring School Librarians Matters Grant Coordinator

Lucie deLaBruere

Innovator, Create Make Learn

Jeff Mao

Director, Vita-Learn

Kim Bovill

Student Support, Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative

Jennifer Fribush

Professional Development Coordinator, Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative

Lisa Helme

State Coordinator of Education Technology

Kathleen McClaskey

Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Learning Officer, Empower the Learner

Jim Chlebak

Music Director, Springfield School District

Chris Johnstone

Educational Technology Coach, South Burlington Schools

Lexus Words

Partner Program Success Manager, ENA

Sue Thotz

Senior Program Manager, Common Sense Education

April Shaw

Library Consultant, Vermont Department of Libraries (VTLIB)

Jeff Renard

Director/Principal, Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative

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