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Hawley Smyth

Director of Graduate Program Recruitment

Emma Barone

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Enrollment

Jenna Lenhardt

Director of Strategic Recruitment and Outreach

Alex Fisher

Program Promotion Specialist

Allison Schumacher

Director of Academic Alchemy

Andrea Wight

Administrative Specialist

Anette Loughran-Fjeldstad

Director of Graduate Studies, Teaching Associate Professor

Austen Gouldman

Executive Director Graduate Studies

Emilie Raymond

Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Mary-Chris Escobar

da Vinci Center / Asst Director of Academic Programs

I. Scott Ramsey

Director, CERT Program; Asst. Professor of Physiology & Biophysics

Joan Rhodes

Associate Professor, Teaching And Learning; Faculty Director Of Educator Preparation

Brandon Norris

Recruitment and Enrollment Counselor

Yongyun Shin

"Associate Professor Chair, Department of Biostatistics"

Katherine Peterman

Graduate Program Administrator, Department of Epidemiology

Lloyd Young

Director of Innovation and Design

Lori Floyd-Miller

Graduate program coordinator, College of Engineering

Luciana de Oliveira

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies

Nerice Lochanskly Luu

Education Administrator, Department Health Behavior and Policy

Orina Chen

Senior Team Ambassador

Ross Losapio

Director of Recruitment

Scott Witthaus

Professors and Recruiter

Marielle Beckers Siebers

Assistant Director of Admissions Operations

Cyrinah Clabon

Future Student Suite Senior Ambassador of Events & Outreach

Aliyah Tokan

Future Student Suite Senior Ambassador of Front Desk Operations

Jada Wright

Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator

Angela Reynolds

Professor, Director of Systems Modeling and Analysis Ph.D. program

Reed Ogrosky

Associate Professor, Graduate Director

Tiyacca Simms-Jones

Associate Director of Psychology Advising and Graduate Academic Operations

Veronica Garabelli

Interim Graduate Studies Director

Emma Ito

Alumni Speaker

Ronetta Gaines

Student Financial Management Center

Jonathan Brown


Ebonie Johnson

Lead Financial Aid Counselor

Tom Arodz

Associate Professor

Kimberly Davis

Clinical Assistant Professor

Colette Reid

Student Financial Management Center

Geri Youngblood

Pharmaceutical Engineering Administrator

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Virginia Commonwealth University

We host events for prospective graduate students to top ranked, Research 1, Virginia Commonwealth University

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Tips from the team who reads the M.D. applications for our top ranked VCU Medical campus.

International Student Services & English Language Program

We are here to support international student success. Come learn more.

VCU Library

Research to seemingly endless reserves, your library support staff is ready to help you make the most of your VCU resources.

VCU Career Services

We help you on your path to career success!

VCU Writing Center

Your professor shouldn’t be the first person to read your paper.

You First- First Generation Student Services

At VCU thousands of students are among the first in their family to attend college. We know that while being first is an exciting accomplishment, navigating college can be challenging.

VCU Military Student Services

Helping veterans, active service members, spouses and dependents who receive military benefits successfully transition to VCU

VCU Resources- Quick Glance

So many resources, so little time! Learn about a few of our top requested resources.

Student Financial Services Center

LIVE SESSION: Learn how to make your academic next steps financially possible.