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The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers Conference

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Stephanie Hanson

Developer, History Unboxed

Lucretia Marie Anderson

Certified life and mindfulness coach, Anti-racist workshop facilitator

Farrar Williams

Co-founder, Simplify the Application

Jill Harper

Co-founder, Simplify the Application

Dr. Tod Davis

Owner, Virginia Vision Therapy Centers, Inc.

Denise Corbo, M.Ed., NBCT

BRAiNiACS 4 Kids

Sean Young

Co-founder, Youth Business Exchange

Kerwyn [email protected]

Co-founder, Youth Business Exchange

CJ Walker

Co-founder, Youth Business Exchange

Carla Hakim O'Brien

Parent, Family, and Individual Coach serving the Neurodiverse

Natasha Blush

Eureka Workshop, arts-integrated computer science educator

Alycia Comer-Wright, M. Ed

Founder of Cultural Roots Homeschool Cooperative and Inspired Learning RVA

Justin Shell

Father of 3, proponent of community-based learning & creator of MySchool

Julia Orr

Education Program Specialist, Air & Space Museum

Nasiyah Isra-Ul

Founder, Canary Academy Online & Entrepreneur

Nick Grenier

Director, Natural Leaders

Irene Kuykendall

Virginia Rep’s Education Manager, a Wolf Trap Teaching Artist, and a Performer

Catina Sweedy

Founder, Clarinet Project; Mojang Certified Minecraft Educator; Program Advisor, Embark Center

Sarah Blunkosky

Integrative education consultant, Homeschool portfolio evaluator and Homeschooling coach

Christina (Tina) Schweiss

Executive Director, Hampton Roads Chess Association (HRCA)

Kate Snow

Author, Math Facts That Stick, Preschool Math at Home, and the Math with Confidence

Sam Florer

Virginia Museum of History & Culture

Laura Sowdon

Occupational Therapist, Owner of Five Senses Literature Lessons

Cynthia Holt, Justine LoMonaco

Co-founders, The Learn and Live Letter

Aquilah Robinson

Founder, Learnplistic LLC

Eva Goldstein-Meola

Founder and Director, Open Tent Academy

Jen Stiles

President, Aim & Flourish

Barbara Jaurequi Wurst

MD, MSc, Global Health and Research

Jodi Chaffee

Founder, Our Modern Heritage Academy LLC; The Family Culture Movement

Cindy West

Our Journey Westward, No Sweat Nature Study LIVE

Marcia Daft

Founder, Moving Through Math and Teaching the Music of Language

India Pearson

Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

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The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers) is an independent, non-profit, member-driven, statewide organization. We are committed to providing homeschooling support to our members, as well as accurate information about homeschooling to Virginia’s families, school divisions, legislators and policymakers, the media, and the community at large. VaHomeschoolers appreciates that homeschooling families are diverse in their beliefs and backgrounds, but united in loving their children, valuing their children’s education, and treasuring their freedom to homeschool. For this reason, VaHomeschoolers is an inclusive organization and is neutral in matters of politics and religion.



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CodeWizardsHQ is the leading online coding school for kids and teens ages 8-18. We deliver the most fun and effective live, online coding classes designed for students to thrive in a digital world.

Embark Center for Self-Directed Education

Community of homeschoolers following unique personally designed paths to pursuing their passions

The Learn and Live Letter

The Learn & Live Letter was inspired by a simple idea: That learning and educating your child should be a simple, organic part of your life.

Set Learning Free

Set Learning Free. Feel empowered in your learning journey.

Aim & Flourish

Aim & Flourish: Academic Portfolio Review / Homeschool Evaluation


Cool Classical History and Literature Curriculum

History Unboxed

Hands-on history delivered

Five Senses Literature Lessons

Homeschooling the whole child.

Learnplistic Tutors

Learnplistic, LLC - Making Learning Simplistic

Open Tent Academy

Open Tent Academy - Helping You Homeschool Better

Natural Leaders

Homeschoolers can be Natural Leaders!

Canary Academy Online

Where learning takes off!


MySchool: A Portal to your Local Homeschooling Community

Virginia Repertory Theatre

Educational Theatre (Camps, Classes and Workshops)

Moving Through Math

Where the logic and thinking of mathematics meet the creativity of music, movement, and drama

Eureka Workshop at CodeVA

CodeVA's Eureka Workshop - Arts Integrated CS!

Greenways Academy

Educate Motivate Graduate Personalized online course to fit your student's learning style.

RightStart Mathematics

Kinesthetic based mathematics curriculum

Regent University

Christian Leadership to Change the World

Bevy & Dave

Inspiring Leadership and Discovery

See Jane Teach

See Jane Teach helps busy homeschool moms enjoy the journey.


Learn how to build & use the 3D printer.

St. Isidore of Seville Catholic Virtual School

Academy Courses: 100% synchronous and flexible

Storybook Treasures

StoryBook Treasures - Educators putting Books into the HEARTS, HOMES and HANDS of CHILDREN.

College For All

Finish high school and college at the same time!