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Vanessa Tierney

Co-Founder @ Abodoo

Robin Åström

Founder @ Wehype

Thomas Bisballe

Co-Founder @ Impactr

Tim He

VC @ Kinnevik

Gavin Anderson

Founder @ N2Collective

Johan Åberg

Founder @ Next State

Johnny Boufarhat

Founder @ Hopin

Jason Dainter

Founder @ UPPSTART

Napala Pratini

Co-Founder @ Habitual

Jarno Eerola

Co-Founder @

Isabel Van De Keere

Founder @ Immersive Rehab

Christina Melkonian

Operations Manager @ Startup Sesame

Eoin Cooney


Chris Mallet


Francesca Perona

Chief Innovation Officer @ TG0

Leigh Davidson

Director @ Marxent

Timmy Ghiurau

Lead XR Research @ Volvo Cars

Dirk Voelkel

VP @ Cytiva

Rob Pierre

CEO @ Jellyfish Group

Leni Andronicos

Marketing Consultant

Sebastiaan Debrouwere

VC @ Balderton Capital

Sofia Broberger

Recruitement Manager @ Toca Boca

Samuli Syvähuoko

Co-Founder @ Return Entertainment

Jesper Skibsby

Founder @ WARM

Maximilian Fischer

Co-Founder @ Actyx

Tilo Bonow

Founder @ PIABO PR

Radoslav Stankov

Head Of Engineering @ Product Hunt

Peter Sarlin

Co-Founder @ Silo AI

Jonathan Low - JumpStory

Co-Founder @ JumpStory

Anders NOREN

Co-Founder @ Game Intelligence

Fatih Mustafa Çelebi

Founder @ Meditopia

Carl Fritjofsson

Partner @ Creandum

Elena Malakhatka

Founder @ VR SciFest

Josefin Svensson

Founder @ ADHD-Podden

Mei Wen

Founding Partner @ Yinvest

Puja Balachander

Founder @ Devie

Kim Baden-Kristensen

Co-Founder @ BRAIN+

Neil Dunne

Co-Founder @ Andrson

Arseny Klekovkin

Managing Partner @ G1

Christoffer Malmer

Head of Department @ SEBx

Nikolina Zidar

CEO @ Unicorn Pirates Studio

Michael Bartl

Founder @ Tawny

Maxine Roper

Co-Founder @ Connecting Food

Patrick Couch

Spokesperson for AI @ IBM

Alex Farcet

Partner @ Rainmaking

Kye Andersson

Head of Communication @ Peltarion

Frida Rångtell

Sleep Educator @ Slumra of Sweden

Charlotta Holmquist

Founder @ BL!XT

Ksenia Avetisova

Head of Enhanced Reality @ TietoEVRY

Yasmine Morrison

Co-Founder @ Svenska Nomader

Emmanuel Ligner

CEO @ Cytiva

Johan Skott

Co-Founder @ NAG Studios

Melanie Aronson

Founder @ Panion

Moojan Asghari

Advisor @ Greentech Alliance

Pontus Österberg

Co-Founder @ Prototyp

Lubomila Jordanova

Co-Founder @ Greentech Alliance

Kristoffer Greve Nielsen

Head of Communications & PR @ JABII Group

Ida Ström

Sommelier @ Fotografiska Stockholm

Anna Hakobyan

Director Business Development @ Pyxis

Erik Lund

Head of IoT Tracking Division @ Sony

Sajal Singh

Contributing Writer @ Forbes

Jenifer Clausell-Tormos

Founder @ Develop Diverse

David Harper

Co-Founder & CEO @ Atlas

Gordon Midwood

Co-Founder @ Anything World

Martin Lindman

Founder @ Doktor.see

Dennis Pamlin

Senior Advisor @ RISE

Anthony Rose

Founder @ SeedLegals

Monty Munford

Co-Founder @ BlockSpeak

Martin Bjergegaard

Co-Founder @ Heartful Academy

Rita Katona

Head of Marketing @ ZOLLHOF

Anja Klüver

Managing Director @ Manyone

Liam Patterson

Co-founder @ Bidnamic

Simon Curtis

Managing Partner @ Potter Clarkson

Helene Barnekow

CEO @ Microsoft Sweden

Antti Kosunen

Ambassador @ Fairforce

Romain Palmieri

Co-Founder @ Groover

Magnus Ekbäck

Vice President Strategy & Business Development @ Sandvik Coromant

Maryam Ghahremani

CEO @ Bambuser

Angela Jacob Bermudo

Principal Consultant @ Bermudo Media

Henrik Stamm Kristensen

Founder @ Blendhub

Jaakko Kaminen

CEO @ Woodly

Nils Olsson

Chief Product Officer @ Tacton

Johanna Staaf

Director @ Ahlsell Labs

Ida-Maria Sintorn

Chief Technology Officer @ Vironova

Shahjahan "Shadde" Khan

Founder @ Westhack

Joel Noutere

Co-Founder @ SciAR

Niclas Wijkström

Co-Founder @ Mimerse

Patric Palm

Co-Founder @ Favro

Will Sheldon

Vice-President @ Accel

Krista Jäntti

Founder @ EventuallyXR


Founder @ Innovation Bootcamp

Wout Bobbink

Co-Founder @ EY Finance Navigator

Kai Liang

Business Development Director @ MEL Science

Johan Attby

Co-Founder @ FishBrain

Amir Nooriala

Chief Commercial Officer @ Callsign

George Morriss

Managing Partner @ Talentful

Jurgis Didžiulis

Edutainer @ Jurgis Did

Wil Schroter

Founder @

Robin Wauters

Founder @

Tim Jackson

Partner @ Walking Ventures

Christian Guttmann

Global Head of AI & Data @ TietoEVRY

Aurore Belfrage

Partner @ SusTechable

Dora Palfi

Co-Founder @ imagiLabs

Paul-Adrien Menez

Co-Founder @ Zéro-Gâchis

Zhong Xu

Founder @ Deliverect

Zach Miller-Frankel

Co-Founder @ Andrson

Kieran Flanagan

VP @ HubSpot

Alena Rogozhkina

Founder @ Sonas-Behavioural Science

Lucy Dahlgren

Founding Partner @ This Less-is-more Community

Lucy Dahlgren

Founding Partner @ This Less-is-more Community

Henriette Weber

Corporate Activist @ United Nations Foundation

Kyle Hermans

Co-Founder @ Be Courageous

Amira El Bidawi - Vattenfall

Business Development Manager @ Green:field Vattenfall

Mike Butcher

Editor-at-Large @ TechCrunch

Esben Østergaard

CEO @ REInvest Robotics

Konrad Bergström

Founder @ XShore

Erik Bergman

Founder @

Heikki Haldre

Founder @ The Exit Academy

Sean Ellis

Co-Creator @

Jay Kothari

Project Lead @ Glass at X

Rohit Agarwal

Founder @ First Loop

Marina Gorey

Head of People @ Seedcamp

Christian Facey

Founder @ AudioMob

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Sandvik Coromant

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We envision a world in which access to life-changing therapies transforms human health

Stockholm Business Alliance/City of Uppsala

"Learn about startup activity in the Stockholm Business Region"


The Future of Healthcare Construction.

Potter Clarkson

Creating value from innovation


Coding business breakthroughs


The smoothes way to sell art, design & antiques


Power to the people


Connecting the physical and digital worlds to transform industry

Game Intelligence

Deeper understanding of people. Based on neuroscience


The federated machine learning company.


Tactile and haptic input devices. R&D and New Product Development


Creating a new category called Full Contact Gaming - launching in October 2020.


Take control over your connected devices

EmOtion AI

AI -powered Emotion Analytics for Everyone


The future of the Internet of Logistics

Xi'an Hi-tech Zone

The New Silk Road

Yellow Peach

A team of UK web design experts, specialising in creating bespoke WordPress websites.


Girls Shaping the Future with Tech