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Powderkeg Unvalley 2020

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Garry Cooper (he/him)

Chief Executive Officer at Rheaply

Alice Vilma

Managing Director of Morgan Stanley

Brian Millis

Vice President of Client Development at ADVISA

Casey Bolsega

Head of Partnerships at Powderkeg

Cordero Barkley

Partner & Director - Finance and Investments at TitletownTech

Justin Welsh

Founder at JW Strategic Advisory

Wendy Lea

CEO at Energize Colorado

Ash Kumra

Co-Founder of Peak Mindful

Santiago Jaramillo

CEO & Co-Founder at Emplify

Nash Ahmed

Founder and CEO of Undock

Morgan Ingram

Director of Sales Execution and Evolution at JB Sales Training

Dana Enger

Fintech Insuretech Scouting Manager at State Farm

Craig Fuller

CEO at FreightWaves

Jessica Smith

Human Resources Consultant at CLA

Aimee Harvey

EVP of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Zotec Partners

Eric Boduch

Co-Founder of Pendo

Louonna Kachur

Director of Talent at KSM Consulting

Brad McMullen

General Manager, STANLEY Products & Solutions

Candice Brackeen

General Partner at Lightship Capital

Ashley Watkins

Job Search & Interview Coach

Monique Villa

Investor at Mucker Capital

Lizelle van Vuuren

Co-Founder and CMO of Undock

Rich Maloy

VP of Engagement at Established

Jacqui Dietrich

Director of Partnerships at Established

Jen Consalvo

Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Established

Jay Clouse

Co-host of the Upside Podcast

Frank Gruber

Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Established

Shaw Lathrop

Community Development Manager at Established

Eric Hornung

Co-host of the Upside Podcast

John Guidos

Director of Strategic Operations at Established

Vanessa Clark

CEO at Atomos Space

Scott Jones

Founder & President at Eleven Fifty

Patrick Smith

Managing Principal at CLA

Mike Asem

Partner at M25

Matt Hunckler

Founder and CEO at Powderkeg

Marcus Whitney

Entrepreneur, technologist, author, and healthcare VC.

Lindsay Boccardo

Career Strategist and Corporate Trainer

Larry Gigerich

Executive Managing Director at Ginovus

Jessica Mitsch

Co-founder and CEO at Momentum

Doug Allgood

President and CEO at Blackink IT

Clay Gordon

Partner at Stout Street Capital

Christian Beck

Executive Partner at Innovatemap and Co-Host of the Better Product Podcast

Brian Clark

Founder of Copyblogger. Curator of Further. Host of Unemployable.

Brad Smith

Leadership Consultant at ADVISA

Ana Lokotkova

International Career Advisor, Speaker, and LinkedIn Branding Trainer

Allie Burns

CEO at Village Capital

Rand Fishkin

Co-founder & CEO at Sparktoro

Kate Beardsley

Partner, Upslope Ventures

Kyle Lacy

CMO at Lessonly

Arlan Hamilton

Founder and Managing Partner at Backstage Capital

Steve Case

Chairman & CEO of Revolution

Mary Grove

Managing Partner at Bread & Butter Ventures

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