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Untold Stories Budapest Online Edition

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Welcome to Untold Stories Budapest 2020 - Intro
Can Ertugrul Csongor Biás Krisztina Toth
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Chasing the Unicorn aka the CEE region’s challenges in the global start-up world
Balázs, founder of CODECOOL and president of the Hungarian IT Association shares his thoughts about regional perspectives and how this can impress investors.
Balázs Vinnai
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Fireside chat with László Kishonti (CEO at AIMotive)
AImotive creates software for self-driving cars and has already raised $70M USD in total. Learn about the story of one of the hottest startups from Hungary.
Chris Kobylecki László Kishonti
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Fireside Chat with Andreas Klinger (Remote First Capital, previously Product Hunt, AngelList)
Andreas was part of the foudning team of Product Hunt and joined AngelList later, now he invests in early stage startups and focuses on remote teams.
Csongor Biás Andreas Klinger
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2020 in a Wrap with last year's Untold Stories speakers
2020 has been a crazy ride so far. We invited some of last year's speakers to look back and reflect on what's ahead.
Marvin Liao Shruti Shah Jasmina Henniova Gyula Feher Zach Coelius
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How to build products that change the game for entire industries?
In this discussion, we'll talk about the future of food, fashion, and the raw material supply chain.
Jasna Rokegem Nathan Williams Cinzia Silvestri Yonca Braeckman
· Networking
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How to get financing for your impact business?
In this discussion, we focus on how impact businesses can find alternatives for venture capital.
Kristof Bardos Nuno Brito Jorge Yonca Braeckman Melanie Aronson (Panion)
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3-4X from Hungary - Behind the Scenes
Fireside chat with SEON & PotfoLion VC
Balazs Komar Mark Palfalvi Bence Jendruszák Gabor Pozsonyi
· Sessions
Creating B2B sales processes to get to 1 million in revenue in under 1 year
We will work together in understanding who your prospects are and how to sell to them in an easy and simple structure.
Adam Springer
· Stage
Aki Balogh (CEO & Co-Founder at MarketMuse) - Lessons learned
Aki builds a growing AI-driven ad-tech startup from New York. He will talk about his mistakes made and lessons learned: product, sales, fundraising & co.
Aki Balogh
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The Superpowered story & the cross-atlantic startup model
Patrick is a serial entrepreneur and NYT best-selling author. He co-founded Superpowered with a Hungarian developer that recently got acquired by Splice.
Patrick Vlaskovits
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Fireside chat with Laura Behrens Wu (Co-Founder and CEO of Shippo)
Laura will share her the story of founding Shippo.
Laura Behrens Wu Marvin Liao
· Networking
15 mins break for networking
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Expansion & growth: expanding your business and getting traction on new markets
Pavel will share his experience of growing Bolt to 30 million passengers in 35 countries, and talk about getting traction on new markets.
Pavel Karagjaur
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Growing a Growth team: From Seed to Series B, and beyond
A look at the ways in which a growth team's composition, and responsibilities change throughout the stages of a startup's growth.
Hendrik Haandrikman
· Sessions
Invite only workshop - powered by HiVentures
Aki Balogh
· Networking


Balazs Komar

Co-Founder at xLabs, iSEEQ

Gabor Pozsonyi

Partner at PortfoLion

Bence Jendruszák

Co-Founder at SEON

Mark Palfalvi

Investment Associate at PortfoLion

Can Ertugrul

Advisor at Amiqa, Co-founder of Austrian Startups

Csongor Biás

Managing Director at Startup Hungary

Krisztina Toth

Co-founder of Startup Europe Networks

Balázs Vinnai

Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Hungary Co-Founder, ICT Association President

Kristof Bardos

CEO & Co-founder at Green Fox Academy

Jasna Rokegem

Founder at Jasna Rok

Nathan Williams

Founder & CEO of Minespider

Chris Kobylecki

Innovation Nest

Marvin Liao

Early Stage Investor, Ex-Partner at 500 Startups

Nuno Brito Jorge

Founder & CEO of GoParity

Melanie Aronson (Panion)

Founder & CEO of Panion

Aki Balogh

Co-founder & CEO of MarketMuse

Yonca Braeckman

Founder & CEO of Impact Shakers

Laura Behrens Wu

CEO & Co-founder at Shippo

Zach Coelius

Founder-turned-angel & Syndicate leader

Gyula Feher

Managing Partner at Oktogon Ventures, formerly Co-Founder at Ustream

Hendrik Haandrikman

VP of Growth at Bitrise

Jasmina Henniova

Investor at 3TS Capital

Pavel Karagjaur

VP of Growth at Bolt

László Kishonti

Founder & CEO at AIMotive

Andreas Klinger

Remote First Capital, previously Angel list, Product Hunt

Shruti Shah

ex-EIR at Silicon Valley Bank, Formerly Co-founder and COO at Moveloot

Cinzia Silvestri

Founder & CEO of Bi/ond

Adam Springer

Startup B2B Sales Strategy at Startup Sales

Patrick Vlaskovits

Co-founder at Superpowered (acq by Splice), author

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