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Jon "maddog" Hall

Board Chair | Linux Professional Institute

samir hanna

Agile Coach | Bonial

Paulo Azevedo

Senior Solutions Architect | Flixbus

Niamh Teeling

Business Architect | Accenture

Juliette Chevalier

VP of Special Projects and Lead Software Engineer | Admios

Mathias Haas

CEO & Curator TEDx | Supersocial

Christiane Hahnsch

Junior Content Designer | Aperto / IBM iX Berlin

Anna-Katharina Löhn

Associate Creative Director | Aperto / IBM iX Berlin

Taylor Anderson (she/her)

Content Manager | Speedinvest

Thomas Koch

Agile Master |

Christian Altwicker

Technology Consultant | PwC

Nicole Stevens

Senior Marketing Strategist | Mailbird

Miguel Baumann

Career & Leadership Coach

Shlomi Moto Wagner

Creative content and marketing consultant / Performance-Artist / Opera Singer / Drag Queen

Elena Joy Thurston

Executive Director | Pride & Joy Foundation

Kateryna Oliferchuk

Senior IT Consultant | Kreuzwerker GmbH

Anika Nicolaas Ponder

CEO Head of Strategy & Design | Ellery Studio

Kenza Mandri

Data Analyst

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We are one of the leading LGBTIQ+ social businesses in Germany. Since 2009, the UHLALA Group has been advocating for LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace with various projects and brands worldwide. Through events, workshops, trainings, certifications, audits, consulting and PR, we support employers in promoting their LGBTIQ+ employees, recruiting new ones and credibly strengthening their employer branding in and outside the community. Our ultimate goal is to reach equal chances and opportunities for LGBTIQ+ people in the working world.

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