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Von Stange

Assistant Vice President for Student Life & Senior Director

Bayo Ajose

UMR-ACUHO 2021 Signature Event

Keniese Evans

UMR-ACUHO President

Jacque McKenna

UMR-ACUHO Past President

Paul Shepard

UMR-ACUHO 2021 Keynote Speaker

Larissa Buster (She/Her)

Sponsors and Exhibits Chair

Amanda Krier-Jenkins

Assistant Director - Staff and Academic Development

Jessica Stein

Assistant Director - AAEC

Rebecca Schwartz (she/her)

AIM Committee Presenter

Megan Leonard-Bisenius (She/Her)

AIM Committee Presenter

Chloe Smith (She/Her/Hers)

Assistant Director, Residence Life and Conduct

Leandra Jenkins

UMR ACUHO VP/President Elect

Kassie Dumont

Resident Director

Mike Mueller (He/Him)

Assistant Director

Sean Payette (he/him)

Hall Director

Peter Hausladen (he/him)

Student Success Coordinator & Conduct Officer

Marisa Hahn (She/They)

Residence Hall Director

MJ Bostic (They/Them)

Residence Hall Director

Katie Jackson

Associate Director for Residential Life

Allyson Plattner

Assistant Director for Residential Life

Leracha Simon

Residence Life Coordinator

Nicole Haley (she/they)

Residence Life Coordinator

RJ Schnack

Assistant Director of Res Life

Dave Bollig

Director of Res Life,

Zach Atkins(He/Him/His)

Assistant Community Coordinator,

Sammy Garrett (she/her/hers)

Assistant Coordinator for Departmental Initiatives

MACURH Director

Nathan Franz, Regional Director

Alexis (she/her) Austin

Residence Director, U of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Amanda Perrin (she/her)

Director of Residence Life, St. Catherine University

catherine hosford

Residence Hall Director, University of South Dakota

Deb Newman

Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life

Cedric Freeman (He/Him/His)

Complex Director, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Matt Diischer (He/him/his)

Assistant Director for Leadership and Community Development

Daniel Chou (he/him)

Assistant Dean / Director of Residence Life, Cornell College

Hannah Konrad-Huttner (She/Her)

Hall Director, North Dakota State University

Amolia Schumacher (she/her)

Hall Director, North Dakota State University

Chris Mueller (he/him)

Assistant Director of Residential Life

Cody Burggraff

Assistant Director of University Housing and MIC Chair

Justin Dickerson (He/Him/His)

Residence Hall Director

Naeelah Chism

Residence Life Coordinator

Erica Thompson (she/her)

Associate Director of Residence Life

Alexandria Wisker

Area Coordinator, Southeast Missouri State University

Megan Nemec (she/her)

Complex Director

Katie Keenan she/her

Assistant Director for Housing and Administration

Mandie Madewell

UMR-ACUHO Treasurer

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