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UC Davis Information Security Symposium - 2021

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Mary Croughan

Provost, UC Davis

Cheryl Washington

Chief Information Security Officer, UC Davis

Viji Murali

CIO and Vice Provost, UC Davis

Gary May

Chancellor, UC Davis

Rinki Sethi

Chief Information Security Officer, Twitter

Sandra Joyce

Executive VP, FireEye

Allan Alford

Chief Information Security Officer, TrustMAPP

Jackson Muhirwe

Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, UC Davis

Jamie Lam

Advocacy and Security Manager, UCSF School of Medicine

Charron Andrus

Associate Chief Information Security Officer, UC Berkeley

Peter Blando

Business Systems Analyst, UC Davis

Shawn DeArmond

Web Architect, UC Davis

Valerie Vogel

Community Builder & Program Manager, Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Adam Dick

Clinical Applications Analyst, UC Davis

Jeremy Phillips

IT Director, College of Letters and Science, UC Davis

Robert Oliver

Information Security Consultant, UC Davis

Anitha Kumar

Identity and Access Services, UC Davis

Kevin Mazzone

Senior Systems Security Analyst, UC Davis Medical Center

Dean Bunn

Application Developer, UC Davis

Steven Barkey

Systems Administrator, UC Davis

Lily Hallmark

Junior Data Analyst, UC Davis

Ashish Atreja

Chief Information & Digital Health Office, UC Davis

Alexis Papesh

Program Manager, UCSF

Ántonia K. Peigahi

Director of Policy and Records Management, CSUS

Angela Domen

IT Liaison, UC Davis Health

Ben Clark

System Administrator, UC Davis

Becky Frantz

Executive Director, UC Davis

Brian Paciotti

Clinical Data Analyst, UC Davis

Brad Grebitus

Desktop and Client Security Lead, CSUS

Dave Crawford

Network Security Lead, CSUS

David Rusting

Chief Information Security Officer, UCOP

Dave Zavatson

Data Center Services Manager, UC Davis

Christopher Doane

IT Security Analyst, UC Berkeley

Colleen Gordon

Technical Project Manager, UC Davis

Elazar Broad

Elazar Broad, FireEye

Hector Sotelo

Technical Analyst, UC Davis

Ilvana Mesic

Manager, UC Davis

Jagan Pandarinathan

Systems Security Analyst, CSUS

Jeff Rowe

IT Security Analyst, UC Davis

Joe Bengfort

Chief Information Officer, UCSF

Joshua Van Horn

Enterprise Services Manager, UC Davis

Kevin Haynes

Staff Solution Engineer, Splunk

Michael Corn

Chief Information Security Officer, UC San Diego

Mangesh Kamble

IT Architect, UC Davis Health

Margaret Hwang

Chief of Operations, CSUS

Nickolas Christopher

IT Security Analyst, UC Riverside

Michael Tran Duff

CISO and Chief Privacy Officer, Stanford

Pegah Parsi

Campus Privacy Officer, UC San Diego

Mary Northup

Identity and Access Services Architect, UC Davis

Petr Brym

Assistant Chief Information Security Officer, UC Davis

Steven Hansen

Systems Architect, UC Berkeley

Ranjana Singhal

Tech Lead-Medical Device interoperability & Cybersecurity, UC Davis Health

Reuben Castelino

Technical Analyst, UC Davis

Saskia Etling

Software Developer, UC Berkeley

Shannon Chee

IT Lead and Information Security Analyst, UC Davis

Scott Silva

Project Development Analyst, UC Davis Health

Summer S Scanlan

Data Analyst, UC Berkeley

Tanya Jansen

Communications Specialist, UCSF

Tolgay Kizilelma

Chief Information Security Officer, UC Merced

Uwe Rossbach

Systems Administrator, UC Davis

Chris Witthans

Information Security Risk Analyst, CSUS

Daniel Balogh

Applications Programmer, UC Davis

Jonathon Taylor

Systems Administrator, UC Berkeley

Francisco Guerrero-Barajas

Cash and Credit Card Compliance Administrator, UC Davis

Eugene Pinedo

Staff Sales Engineer, Splunk

James McKinzie

Security Analyst, UC Merced

Reece Webb

Senior Solutions Architect, UCSF

Sam Horowitz

Chief Information Security Officer, UC Santa Barbara

Thang Ho

Information Systems Analyst, UC Davis Health

Robert Smith

Systemwide IT Policy, UCOP

Kevin Vellanoweth

Senior Desktop Support Technician, UC Davis

Patrick Phelan

Chief Information Security Officer, UC Davis / UCSF

Anthony Shriver

IT Lead, UC Davis

Erol Layiktez

Bengfort, UC Davis Health

Allison Henry

Chief Information Security Officer, UC Berkeley

Srinivas Atluri

Vice President of Cybersecurity, Anvaya Solutions

Shobha Mallarapu

President and CEO, Anvaya Solutions

Bek Umarov

Security Researcher, Anvaya Solutions

Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan

Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan is the student performing taiko ensemble at UC Davis since 2001.

Andy Jones

Academic Associate Director & Professor, UC Davis

Sara Hariri

Chief Information Security Officer, CSUDH

Hillary Noll Kalay

Senior Counsel, UCOP

Julie Carson

Clinical Application Analyst, UCD Health

Ryan Horikoshi

Clinical Systems Analyst, UCD Health

Michelle Tafoya

Senior Director of Development, UCD Health

Ian Wright

Senior IT Support Specialist, UC Davis

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy


Paul Furtado

Sr. Director Midsize Enterprise Security, Gartner

Molly Greek

Deputy CIO, UCOP

Joanna Grama

Associate Vice President, Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Jeffrey Block

Director of Infrastructure, UCSF

Julio Cardenas

IT Security Analyst, UC Davis

Kevin Simmons

IT Security Analyst, UCSF

Bryce Leong

IT Security Analyst, UCSF

Anthony Lauderdale

Head of Cyber Defense, Zoom Video Communications

Michael Greer


Ruben Perez @ Elastic


Lili Rodriguez


Jesse Trucks


Sam Buckhalter


Carl Kishel


Christine Lovely

Associate Vice Chancellor - Chief Human Resources Officer, UC Davis

Stella Ngai

Senior Counsel, UCOP

Brian Contos


Hillary Kalay

Senior Counsel, UCOP

Esther Silver


Hannah Noll-Wilensky

Health & Technology Law Fellow, UCOP

Naomi Rosario

Information Security Analyst, UC Davis

Derek Melber

Technical Director, Microsoft

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UC Davis Information Security Symposium

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