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UC Riverside Aerospace Conference

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Pedro Fabian

Associate Engineer @ SpaceX

Mark Boyd

Senior Technical Fellow @ Boeing

Jasmine Moreno

Computer Vision Software Engineer @ Relativity Space

Priyanka @ Relativity Space

Technical Project Manager | Relativity Space

Adit @ Relativity Space

Director of Integrated Software | Relativity Space

Sirina Nabhan

Project Data Systems Engineer @ NASA JPL

Monica Cruz

Career Center Representative

Trang Bui

Event Moderator

Margaret Paulin

Campus Relations Manager @ Lockheed Martin

Mike Verdin

Supervisor | NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Nicole Lee

Systems Engineer @ Northrop Grumman | UCR Alumni

Andres Sanchez

Systems Engineer @ Raytheon Technologies | UCR Alumni

Melissa Quero-Gopar

Radiation Engineer @ Raytheon Technologies | UCR Alumni

Melissa Do

Quality Assurance Engineer @ Raytheon Technologies | UCR Alumni

Nathan Sapong

ASME @ UCR President

Christopher Lynch

Bourns College of Engineering Dean & Professor

Hossny El-Sherief

UCR BCOE & Northrop Grumman (Retired)

Mai Temraz

Launchpad/Blackstone Campus Director

Rebecca Vega

Aerospace Systems President

Pengchi Xiao

Conference Director, Host, UCR-UAS Business Operatiosn Lead, MIS Society Vice President

Kenneth Chew

UCR-UAS Co-Project Coordinator

Brandon Tabata

UCR-UAS Co-Project Coordinator

Angela Manlangit

IEEE-UCR President

Ashkun Asefirad

Highlander Air President

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UC Riverside Aerospace Conference

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