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2021 National Workshop on Data Science Education

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John DeNero

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Eric Van Dusen

Interim Director Data Science Undergraduate Studies

Julien Langou

CU Denver

David Austin

Grand Valley College

Zarek Drozda

Data Science Fellow, U.S. Department of Education

Joseph Gonzalez

UC Berkeley

Michael Jordan

UC Berkeley

Ani Adhikari

UC Berkeley

Fernando Perez

UC Berkeley

Hikari Murayama

UC Berkeley

Jo Boaler


Amal Bhatnagar


Yanay Rosen

UC Berkeley

Belle Wei


Trity Pourbahrami

Moore Foundation

Sean Morris

UC Berkeley

Yuvi Panda

UC Berkeley

Kseniya Usovich

UC Berkeley

Christopher Pyles

UC Berkeley

Denise Hum

Skyline CC

Solomon Russell

UC Berkeley

Deb Nolan

UC Berkeley

Alan Liang

UC Berkeley

Suraj Rampure

UC Berkeley

Maliaca Oxnam

U Arizona

Alleanna Clark

UC Berkeley

Jeff Leek

Johns Hopkins

Jerry Volcy


Ajay Anand


Grace Li

UC Berkeley

Ian Castro

UC Berkeley

Thao-Nhi Luu

Anne Arundel CC

Adam Poliak


Meredith Lee

UC Berkeley

Judith Canner

CSU Monterey Bay

Hunter Glanz

Cal Poly

Dayawanti Punj

UC Berkeley

Justin Cheung

UC Berkeley

Susan Wang

Mills College

Kevin Flynn


Sarah A Stone


Luciana de Melo


Naomi Alterman

UW eScience Institute // Technical Education Specialist

Taylor Gibson

NCSSM Speaker

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