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TYAC Conference 2021 (Part 1)

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Therese Otty

Teenage and Young Adult/Late Effect MDT Coordinator

Rachel Driver

Temporary Chair of the Professional Education Group/ Team Leader Young Lives vs Cancer

Vera Elders

Clinical Psychologist

Maria Cable

Assistant Professor in Cancer Nursing

Sophie Heritage

Cambridge University Hospitals

kate edwards

Clinical Psychologist

James Lemon

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Robert Sefton

Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator

Philippa Dick

Organisational Development Practitioner

Cameron Magrath

Foundation Year 1 Doctor

hanna simpson

Teenage Cancer Trust Teenage and Young Adults Lead Nurse

The event is over

Hosted by

Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group

The experts in childhood cancer


Staff wellbeing and team cohesion

Authors: R Pickford

Parental support

Authors: M Devaney, F Dawson

Returning to education

Authors: Cameron Magrath et al

Psychological distress and resilience

Authors: C Jacobson et al

Co-hosted placements

Authors: K. Williams, D. Critoph, H. Hatcher

TYA Designated Beds

Author: M O'Kane

Fertility following anti-cancer treatment

Authors: S Heritage et al

Innovating despite the pandemic

Authors: C Davis et al

Improving reach and accessibility

Authors: J Atherton et al


Authors: T Cosgrave et al