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Cliff des Ligneris

Head of Product, Car For You

Milena Djordjevic

Data Scientist, TX Services

Sergii Paryzhskyi

Senior Software Developer, 20 min

Anita Bissig

Data Analyst, TX Group


Engineering Lead at Ricardo

Joël Bühler

Head of Marketing Intelligence & Technology TX Markets

Arnautovic Aleksandar

IT Manager Homegate

Christian Felder

Frontend Team Lead, Car For You

Tom Forrer

Principal Engineer, Doodle

Markus Rommel

Portfolio Manager Ventures, TX Group AG

Jeremy Seitz

CTO, TX Markets

David 'iDave' Schöttl

Head of Think Thank, Homegate

Pascal Fässler

Tech Lead, Unity Feed, TX Group

Dominic Herzog

Senior Data Scientist

Adam Luzsi

Software Engineer,

Timo Grossenbacher

Project Lead Automated Journalism

Snezana Spasojevic

Senior SEO Specialist

Francesco Piovesan

Senior Usesr Analytics Expert, TX Markets

Pascal Vogler

User Analytics Expert, TX Markets

Sophia Winkler

Junior Communications Manager Product and UX TX Markets

Mario Zumbühl

Analytics Engineer, Neon Switzerland

Nicole Rutz

CRM Manager,

Michael Jahn

CPO, TX Markets - Homegate

Laure Fouilloux

Head of Data Intelligence, Ricardo

Parth Nilawar

Director of Design, Doodle

Olga Skurativska

Principal Engineer at Homegate

Giacomo Iotti

Performance Marketing Manager at TX Markets

Pietro Supino

CEO, TX Group

Thomas Schager

Head of Products SMEs, JobCloud

Harry Fuecks

Head of TX | Conference

Kim Ngan Le Dang

Frontend Engineer at Zattoo

Nitzan Nashi

Frontend Engineer at Zattoo

Didier Orel

Head of TX Group Data Products

Markus Alexander Wirth

Chief Digital Officer, TX Group

Annette Dielmann

Director Platform Solutions, Goldbach neXT

Annina Benz

Head of Marketing at

Benjamin Delahaye

Moderator, TX Conf TV

Egor Skorobogatov

Senior Javascript Developer, Zattoo

Marc Isler

Chief Revenue Officer, Tamedia

Lina Zubytė

Head of Quality, Doodle

Mateusz Bukowski

Test Manager, TX Group

Yann Kaelin

Data Analyst, TX Group

Oriane Perryman-Holt

Strategic Insights Manager, Ricola

Paulien Hosang

Senior UI/UX Designer at Tamedia

Patrik Schaer

CEO, Selma Finance

Ivan Dimitrijevic

QA Team Lead, TX Services

Vini Geraldes

Senior Manager Product Strategy & Business Development at Homegate

Jens Paul Berndt

CEO Homegate

Andreas Schneider

Chief Information Security Officer, TX Group

Emin Filip

Senior Product Manager at Homegate

Mario Stäuble

Chief Editor, Tages Anzeiger

Marta Andreoni

UX Design Lead, TX Markets

Samuel Huegli

Executive Group Management I Board Member, TX Group

Roos Durieux

User Research Lead, TX Markets

Daphne van den Brule

Head of Product Design, Ricardo

Philipp Bockhorn

Test Manager at TX Group

Lav Odorovic

CEO, Relio

Zora Schaad

Head of Community/OneLove & Social Responsibility Board, 20 min

Katharina Graf

Head of Storytelling & Blogs, Tamedia

Olivier Rihs

CEO, TX Markets

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