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Dennis Martz

Digital Experience Insights

John Moore

Helping Go-to-Market Teams Succeed

Customer Success

Support Account

Pooja Kumar

Revenue Enablement I Sales Performance I Coach

Shivam Gupta

Value Adder I Collaborator I Facilitator I Sales Enablement I Coach

Isaac Carroll

Sales Enablement Lead and Performance Coach

Sergio Segal

Complement Sales Enablement and Competitive Intelligence with fully credible client-ready presentations

Evan Baylis

Hands on experience as a Sales Enablement expert

William Langebartels

Sales Enablement

Sherban Naum

Regional VP

Imogen Mccourt

Revenue Enablement Leader and Advocate

Allison Sword

Senior Revenue Enablement | WiSE Global Enablement Lead

Amanda Yanushefski

Unlocking Human Potential | Enabling Revenue

Emmanuel Beaufils

Sales Enablement /Transformation Lead

Gayle Charach

Sales Motivation | Sales Inspiration | Sales Empowerment

Amy Benoit

Renaissance Woman Catalyzing Long Term Change with Short Term Feedback

Adriana Romero

Passionate about Sales Enablement - Speaker - Writer

Ben Purton

Chess Captain Jedi ⏳♟Sales Enablement Fan 👨‍🏫 Lover of Game Theory & Most of all, my Family🏡

Dave Lichtman

FINALLY... A recruitment firm that specializes in sales enablement

Daryl Spreiter

Senior Director Sales Enablement

Ron Elliott

Enabling sellers to deliver expected outcomes for every client, every time.

Britta Lorenz

People - Purpose - Performance

Leigh Koritke

Senior Director, Revenue Enablement and Co-founder of WiSE (Women in Sales Enablement)

Nina Sandy

Channelling my passions

Tamala Hill

Sales Enablement | Relationship Management | Software as a Service | Customer Success | Account Management | Procurement

Crystal Nikosey

Co-Host of Sales & Sales Enablement, The Podcast | PHX Chapter Lead @ WISE

Devon McDermott

VP of Enablement | Engineering scalable employee effectiveness for client facing teams

Joe Corcione

Partner Manager at Trainual

Lawrence Wayne .com

Building a Best-in-Class Sales Enablement program

Sibusiso Msomi

Working with companies that aren't hitting their growth targets or not setup to do so in the future

Vanessa Metcalf

VP of Revenue Effectiveness

Brooke Coletti

Chapter Lead of WiSE- Women in Sales Enablement

Sharon Ehrlich

Executive/Career Coach - Global Enablement Director - Diversity & Inclusion Advocate

Wendy Bissonnette

Service | Kindness | Compassion and Empathy

Nausheen Chen

Speak as a Leader. Not a Boss

Candace Dougan

Customer Success Enablement

Paola Londono

Sales Enablement

Sinandra Kaplan

Strategic Sales, Channel and Distribution Enablement Leader|

Rana Salman

CEO of Salman Consulting | Passionate about partnering with sales and enablement executives on Sales Strategy

Petek Hawkins

Revenue Strategy and Enablement Leader- Partner, 2022 One to Watch, Mom

Taylor Vincent

Sr. Sales Enablement Manager

Del Nakhi

Strategic Enablement Leader

Caitlin Litscher

Sales Enablement, Onboarding, Delivery, Sales Tools & Process Improvement

Florian Gottschall

Bringing clarity into your conversations

Katie Williams

Revenue Enablement Lead

Sara Dee

Always curious, always learning sales enabler | simply helping sales teams drive revenue.

Andrew Shapiro

CX Enablement Manager

Kristen McCrae

GTM Enablement & Strategy. Global Board of WiSE [women in sales enablement]. Advisor. Speaker.

Nick Saunders

Equip │ Empower │ Embed

Shannon Hempel

Developer | Coach | Enablement | CoFounder WiSE - Women in Sales Enablement

Georgia Watson

Transforming Expertise and Impact

Anna Rokina

Social media in B2B. Social selling consultant. Social media listening strategist and analyst.

Damien Pigott

Global Sales Productivity Manager

Nicole Olson

Sales Enablement Specialist

Shauna MacNeil

Senior Leader, Sales Enablement, Team Builder, Industrial Engineer with passions for Customer Centricity & Technology

Dagmar Eisenbach

Director Sales Enablement Central Europe

Pooja Kumar

Revenue Enablement I Sales Performance I Coach

Thiago Meira

Business & Sales Operations Manager | Global Go-To-Market, LATAM expert | Career mentor | Polyglot

Mariana Gastaldello

A global transformation change agent, with Agile mindset

Amanda Maddox

Director of Revenue Enablement | Board Member at SES Boston | Coach | Strategist

Nadia Belkziz

Equip │ Empower │ Embed

NK Chari

CMO | Experienced Sales & Marketing leader | Startup Mentor

Thiago Sá Freire

President of Field Ops

Felix Krueger

Sales Enablement Consulting

Malvina EL-Sayegh

Voted One to Watch 2022 Sales Enablement 🏅 | Podcast Host 🎙️ | Coffee Addict ☕ | Director, Sales Enablement

Nieka Mamczak

Enablement Builder

Robert Lucas

Enabling Worldwide Sales and Technical Professionals to Exceed Their Goals

Ian Gwynne

Helping revenue professionals boost productivity through technology enablement

Shorey Russell

Director of Partner Enablement

Alistair Davis

Help Saas Salespeople Close More Deals with Persuasive Presentations

Rebecca Bell

GTM Enablement and Transformation

Catherine Phan

Director of Sales Enablement

Petek Hawkins

Revenue Strategy and Enablement Leader- Partner, 2022 One to Watch, Mom

Lisa Bobb-Semple

Sales Enablement and Communications

Aaron Evans

Sales Enablement Influencer

George Campbell

Director of Sales Enablement

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Trust Enablement

Trust Enablement delivers best practices, tips, and insights on strategies, tactics, and tools used by go-to-market teams. Our goal is to help people across the globe to cut through the noise, and find the right strategies, tactics, and tools for their unique situation.

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