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Kate Lewis

CEO & Co-Founder

John Moore

Founder, Trust Enablement

To Be Announced


Adriana Romero

Senior Manager Productivity

Steffaney Zohrabyan

Sales Enablement Innovation and Insights Leader

Crystal Nikosey

Director, Global Revenue Enablement

Daryl Spreiter

Sales Enablement Leader

Nina Sandy

Enablement Evangelist

Wendy Bissonnette

Compassion | Empathy | Sales Enablement & Coaching | Sales | Strategy & Execution

Giulio Magni

Sales Enablement and Revenue Operations

Jenn Glabicky

Head of Revenue and Sales Enablement

Scott Mooers

VP, Head of Global Revenue Operations

Ben Harris

Head of Sales Productivity

Amanda Cremone

Enablement Director

Andrew Shapiro

CX Enablement Manager

Megan Ley

Revenue Onboarding

Ruth Easterling

I help leaders develop and grow their leadership abilities

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Trust Enablement

Trust Enablement delivers best practices, tips, and insights on strategies, tactics, and tools used by go-to-market teams. Our goal is to help people across the globe to cut through the noise, and find the right strategies, tactics, and tools for their unique situation.

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