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Traffic + Parking Conference 2020

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Chat with fellow attendees
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Introduction and Welcome
Welcome from Ken Simmonds, Deputy Managing Director, Project Centre
Ken Simmonds
· Conference Rooms
Session 1: Creating better streets
This session will explore how recent road space reallocation schemes have made space for walking and cycling
sally gibbons Lucy Marstrand Ken Simmonds Julian O'Kelly Rachel  Lee
· Conference Rooms
Session 1: Creating better streets - The debate
Discussing how to promote active travel, measure success, and react to the backlash against active travel and space reallocation measures
sally gibbons Lucy Marstrand Julian O'Kelly Rachel  Lee Nick Lester-Davis
· Exhibition
Break - Exhibition & networking
Network and explore innovative products and services in the virtual exhibition
· Conference Rooms
Session 2: Remaking the kerbside
We are rethinking how we use the kerbside via the digitising of parking services and TROs, and making space for electric vehicle charging
Ollie Miller Richard Plant Avisha Martin-Patel Duane Hodges-Stubbs Rob Shoebridge Andy Stott
· Exhibition
Lunch - Exhibition & networking
Network and explore innovative products and services in the virtual exhibition
· Conference Rooms
Session 3: Parking and the pandemic - Lunchtime discussion
The parking and traffic sector has responded to the challenges presented by the pandemic, making travel safer while keeping the economy moving
Alison Tooze Adam Bidder Nick Lester-Davis Richard Walker
· Conference Rooms
Session 4: Clean air schemes
Insights into policy steps designed to combat air pollution, including Clean Air Zones, roadspace reallocation and workplace parking levies
Ashley Beighton Ben Stutman nick ruxton-boyle
· Conference Rooms
The price of parking (and ripostes to common parking pricing complaints)
This session looks at parking charge models and responses to common complaints about the need for free parking and perceived negative impact of fees
Luke Owen Andrew Potter George Godfrey
· Conference Rooms
Engagement and consultation
Expert advice on developing public consultation campaigns to deliver better understanding and support for traffic and parking management schemes
Jess Cully Natalie Cefala
· Conference Rooms
Low Traffic Neighbourhood design
Designing residential areas where motor vehicle through-traffic is discouraged or removed while allowing access for pedestrians and cyclists
· Exhibition
Break - Exhibition & networking
Network and explore innovative products and services in the virtual exhibition
· Conference Rooms
Session 5: Regulation and enforcement - An update
The DfT discusses revisions to the enforcement of moving traffic regulations in urban areas, insights into the issue of pavement parking
Keith Hanshaw Maclean Okotie Keith Hughes Richard Creese
· Conference Rooms
Session 6: Closing debate - The road ahead
Reflections on themes discussed during the day and a look ahead to what 2021 may bring
Keith Hanshaw Lucy Marstrand Nick Lester-Davis nick ruxton-boyle


Alison Tooze

Membership Development Manager, BPA

Hazel Game

Project Centre, Senior Traffic Order Specialist

Luke Owen

Parking Perspectives

Keith Hanshaw

Marston Holdings, Client Services Director

Maclean Okotie

DfT, Contract Manager

Ola Koya

Project Centre, Principal Parking Consultant

Adam Bidder

Q-Park, Managing Director

Jess Cully

Project Centre, Senior Engagement Consultant

Ashley Beighton

Bath and North East Somerset Clean Air Zone, Project Manager

Ollie Miller

Project Centre, Associate Director, Parking

Richard Plant

Project Centre, Senior Parking Consultant

sally gibbons

DfT, Head of Traffic Signs and Street Design

Lucy Marstrand

Project Centre, Healthy Streets Advisor

Ken Simmonds

Project centre, Deputy Managing Director

Andrew Potter

Parking Perspectives, Director

Natalie Cefala

Project Centre, Senior Engagement Consultant

George Godfrey

Project Centre, Senior Consultant

Richard Creese

DfT, Senior Policy Advisor

Keith Hughes

DfT, Head of Parking and Blue Badge Policy

Ben Stutman

Project Centre, Transport Planner

nick ruxton-boyle

Marston Holdings, Director of Environment

Avisha Martin-Patel

Project Centre, Senior Consultant

Julian O'Kelly

BPA, Head of Technology, Innovation and Research

Rachel Lee

Living Streets, Policy and Research Manager

Andrea Jones

NSL, Director of Strategic Accounts

Richard Walker

North Essex Parking Partnership, Group Manager

Andy Stott

RingGo, Sales Director

Rob Shoebridge

Derby City Council, Group Manager, Traffic and Transportation

Duane Hodges-Stubbs

Solutionlabs, Founder and Technical Director

Nick Lester-Davis

Director, Nick Lester-Davis Consulting

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