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Anabelle Morales Droz

Fusion Farms

Arvind Venkataraman

Scientific Director, WaterFarmers

David Eygenraam

Westland Greenhouse Solutions

Mark Thomas

Klassman Deilmann Americas Inc

Joel Enns

Moleaer Inc

Mac Macleon

Instructor, Windham School District

Shison Maharjan

Kathmandu University

Janelle Hager

Kentucky State University

Kwasi Adu Obirikorang

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Mauricio Emerenciano


Yoav Dagan


Paul Harrison

CEO, Mainstream

Rick Jones

CEO, Innovasea

Mitchell Sommer

Symbiotic Aquaponic, LLC

Kaben Smallwood

CEO, Symbiotic Aquaponic LLC

Regina Greuel Cook

Symbiotic Aquaponic, LLC

Kate Wildrick

Community Director, Aquaponics Association

Julie Flegal-Smallwood

Redlands Community College

Jackson Gross

UC Davis

Brunno Cerozi

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

George Brooks, Ph.D.

CEO, NxT Horizon

Adrian Barnes

Island Aquaponics &Tilapia Hatchery

Joel Kelly

COO, Live Local Organic

Pierre Mainguy

Executive Director, Community First

Sterling Alford

Student, Langston University

Marianne Cufone

Executive Director, Recirculating Farms Coalition

Dr. D. Allen Pattillo


Djimo Serodio

Executive Director, JustLearn

Sam Fleming

Executive Director, 100 Gardens

Zakaria Zouine

Fisheries and Aquaculture Engineer, Morocco

Sameer A

Rooftop Farmer

Kamal Gosh

Assistant Professor of Allied Aquaculture and Fisheries, Langston University

Chris Mullins

Extension Specialist, Virginia State University

David Vuillermet

Project Manager, ASTREDHOR

Doriane Combot

Study Engineer, INRAE

Danielle Maitland

Catherine Lejolivet

Ashley Medeiros

Pierre Foucard

Carlos Leon

Brian Filipowich

Chairman, Aquaponics Association

Chris Trump

CEO, Natural Farming Company LLC

Andrew Neighbour

Owner, Desert Verde Farm

Amber Monroe


Wilson Lennard

Aquaponic Solutions

Victor Lobanov

University of Gothenburg

Tyaga Welch

Creator, Owner, Sustainable Humane Earth

Tawnya Sawyer

Co-Owner, The Aquaponic Source

Stephen Raisner

Owner, Potent Ponics

Sean Short

Director of Operations, Blooming Health Farms

Rob Torcellini

Owner, Bigelow Brook Farms

Rob Tolette

Director of Sales & Product Development, The Aquaponics Source

Reese Hundley

Technical Professional and Educational Consultant, Symbiotic Aquaponic LLC

Paul Brown

Professor, Purdue University

Paul Beque

Aquaculture/ Aquaponics Project Manager, Enterprise Aquatics, LLC

Nick Savidov

Senior Research Scientist, Integrated Agriculture Technology Centre, Lethbridge College

Md Asadujjaman

Scientific Officer (DoF, Bangldesh)

Luisa F. Castro, PhD

Policy and Performance Administrator, Washington State Department of Agriculture

Lorenzo Fruscella

University of Greenwich

Lorena Silva Araujo

MD, Wageningen University and Research

Lawrence Schaefer

CEO, Schaefer Global Management LLC

Kendell Lang

CEO, Fusion Farms

Ken Rust

Owner, Enterprise Aquatics, LLC

Juli Ogden

Owner Food Safety Expert

Joshua Rutherford

Regenerative Guru

John Dupuis

Science Teacher, St. Thomas More Catholic High School

Hennen Cummings

Professor, Tarleton State University

Glenn Martinez

Owner/Operator, Hawaii Farmers Union United

Vernon Byrd

Kathmandu University and University of the Nations

Joe Pate

CEO & Founder, Regen Aquaculture

Edwin Rivera


Ed Tivnan

High School Biology Teacher

Che Deer

Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University

Laurent Labbe

R&D engineer, INRAE

Arun Sharma

Program director, Fresh and Pure

Andrew Lohman

Kentucky State University

Yu-Ting Chu

Ph.D. Candidate, Purdue University

Peng Chen

Ph.D. Candidate, Purdue University

Justin Hess

ICHTHYS Aquaponics

Omphile Moche

ICHTHYS Aquaponics

Daniel Robards

CBDO, Aquaponics AI

Jonathan Reyes

CEO, Aquaponics AI

Expanding the practice of Aquaponics through Education, Advocacy, and Connection.


Symbiotic Aquaponic

Grow Good

AST Filters

World Leader in Bead Filter Design & Technology

Optimal Fish Food

Optimal Fish Food provides high-quality fish food delivered directly to your door

Global GAP Made Simple

Food safety workshops, custom system development or just the paperwork

Aquaponics AI

The Aquaponics Platform: streamline your farm for as little as $11.99!

Enterprise Aquatics, LLC

Professional systems sales & consulting for aquaponics from classroom to commercial.


School of Trades, Advanced Technologies and Sustainability

Regen Aquaculture

Helping farmers create a world with an abundance of fresh food, water, and air for generations to come

Water Farmers

Making Food Security Your Business