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Victor Sonck

Evangelist, ClearML

Srikanth Iyer

Head of I3 Investments, Guardian Capital LP

Adam Cilio

Senior Portfolio Manager and Engineer, Guardian Capital LP

Oren Razon

Co-founder and CEO, Superwise

Luis Seco

Professor, University of Toronto

Alik Sokolov

Co-Founder and CEO, SR ai

Alexandre Tomberg

Chief Technology Officer,

Max Ang

Insurance Technology Analyst and Consultant, Celent

Andrea Ruotolo

Global Head, Customer Sustainability / ESG, Rockwell Automation

John McCambridge

Global Solutions Director, Financial Services & Insurance, Dataiku

Elham Karami

Senior Data Scientist,


Sr. Data Scientist, Scotiabank

Margaret Pak

Partner, Walker Sorensen

Paul Daigle

Lead Data Scientist,

Gabe Barcelos

Head of Global Solutions Architecture, Arize

John Jewell

Associate Applied Machine Learning Specialist, Vector Institute

Hanieh Arjmand

ML Researcher,

Liran Hason

CEO, Aporia

Yan Zhang

Lead Data Scientist, BMO

David Behar

Senior Data Scientist, Dataiku

Hadi Moghadas

Senior Data Scientist,

Spark Tseung

Applied Data Scientist,

Michael Maunder

Director of Product Management, Munich Re

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