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Joseph Grosso

Machine Learning Engineer | Loblaw Companies Ltd

Mathieu Sylvestre

Data Scientist | Loblaw Companies Ltd.

Dr. Ehsan Amjadian

Director of AI & Technology | RBC

Nicholas Prayogo

Machine Learning Developer | RBC

Vik Pant

Partner | PwC Canada

Taki Sarantakis

President | Canada School of Public Service

Cameron Schuler

Chief Commercialization Officer & Vice President, Industry Innovation | Vector Institute

Humera Malik

CEO | Canvass

Phil Gagnon-Joseph

Associate | Real Ventures

Korri Antonio Jones

Sr. Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Jonah Braverman

Engineer, Mission Critical Environments | TELUS

Janahan Skandaraniyam

Senior Director, Security Intelligence and Analytics | Arctic Wolf Networks

Monzy Merza

VP Security GTM | Databricks, Inc.

Foteini Agrafioti

Head/Co-Founder at Borealis AI | Chief Science Officer at RBC

Somnath Banerjee

Head of Shopping Discovery | Pinterest

Mikhail Yurochkin

Research Staff Member | IBM Research, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

Rahul Krishnan

Assistant Professor | University of Toronto

Bernease Herman

Data Scientist / Researcher | WhyLabs

Greg Svitak

Director of Labs | SpotHero

Michael Yan

Staff Data Scientist | SpotHero

Samira Ebrahimi Kahou

Associate Professor | École de technologie supérieure/Mila

Archy de Berker

Head of Data & ML | CarbonChain

Deval Pandya

Director of Engineering - AI | Vector Institute

Alik Sokolov

Co-Founder and CEO |

Daniel Wagner

Director of Engineering - AI | Sensibill

Krista Henrich

AI Product Manager | Sensibill

Senthil Nathan Sivaraj

Principal Engineer | Tenstorrent Inc

Danielle Gifford

Senior Manager, Applied AI Lab | AltaML

Peter Barr

Chief Strategy Officer | AltaML

Siavash Kazemian

Manager of Data Science, | The Globe and Mail

Frank Hutter

Professor of Computer Science & Chief Expert AutoML | University of Freiburg & Bosch Center for AI

Qi He

Senior Director of Engineering at LinkedIn, ACM Distinguished Member | LinkedIn

Stephan Zheng

Lead Research Scientist | Salesforce

Maryam Emami

CEO | AI Materia

Douglas Sherk

Senior Machine Learning Engineer II | Axon Enterprise Inc

Ivey Chiu


Carlos Guestrin

Professor | Stanford University

Alon Halevy

Director, Facebook AI | Facebook

Oren Etzioni

Allen Institute for AI | CEO

Delina Ivanova

Senior Manager, Data, Analytics & Insights | HelloFresh Canada

Robert Monarch

Author | Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning

Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn

Director of Technical Product Marketing | Run:AI

Alexander Lanvin

Founder & Chief Technologist | Institute for Simulation Intelligence

Nima Safaei

Sr. Data Scientist | Scotiabank

Elizabeth Adams

Chief AI Ethics & Culture Advisor/Affiliate Fellow | Women in AI/Institute of Human-Centered AI

Adam Harvey

Independent Researcher |

~ TMLS ~

Founder | TMLS

Hanieh Arjmand

Machine Learning Researcher | Lydia.AI

Spark Tseung

Applied Data Scientist | Lydia.AI

Siim Sikkut

Government CIO of Estonia

Olga Tsubiks

Sr. Manager, Advanced Analytics | RBC

Andrew Peek

Co-Founder & CEO | Delphia

Karen Chan

Chief Engineering Officer, Co-Founder

Shingai Manjengwa

Director of Professional Development | Vector Institute

Patricia Thaine

Co-founder & CEO | Private AI

Hassan Khan

Assistant Professor | University of Guelph

Kenneth Lau

Data Scientist | Scotiabank

Palermo Penano

Senior Data Scientist | Scotiabank

Manuela Veloso

Head of AI Research | JP Morgan

Amit Paka

CPO and Co-founder | Fiddler AI

Tammy Kim-Newman

Business Developer, Co-operative and Experiential Education | University of Waterloo

Lili Mou

Assistant Professor | University of Alberta

Mohamed Sabri

Consultant in MLOps | Rocket Science

Ludovic Begue

CRM & Data Science Director | L'Oreal Canada

Pieter Luitjens

Co-founder & CTO | Private AI

David Clark

Senior Research Scientist | MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab

Natalie Klym

VP Market Development | Radium Cloud

Matthew Guzdial

Assistant Professor and CIFAR AI Chair | University of Alberta

George Seif

Machine Learning Engineer | Altair Engineering

Nataliya Portman

Senior Data Scientist | Cineplex Digital Media

Emanuele Rossi

Machine Learning Researcher | Twitter

Ashley Varghese

Data Scientist | Canadian National Railway (CN)

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