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Tiberghien World Tour 2021: Americas

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Joseph Ciccarelli

Managing Director @ GTM (WTS Global-US)

Karen Temoche

Associate @ Rubio (LATAXNET-WTS Global-PE)

Isabel Hounie

Partner @ Ferrere Abogados (LATAXNET-WTS Global-UY)

Gianni Gutiérrez

Partner @ Ferrere Abogados (LATAXNET-WTS Global-UY)

César Luna-Victoria

Partner @ Rubio LN (LATAXNET-WTS Global-PE))

Javier Said Acuña

Partner @ RByC (LATAXNET-WTS Global-PA)

Mauricio Bravo Fortoul

Partner @ TB&A (LATAXNET-WTS Global-MX)

Odín Guillén

Partner @ Mayora & Mayora (LATAXNET-WTS Global-HN)

Manuel Telles

Partner @ Mayora & Mayora (LATAXNET-WTS Global-SV)

dr. Juan Carlos Casellas

Partner @ Mayora & Mayora (LATAXNET-WTS Global-GT)

Walter A. Tumbaco

Managing Partner @ LAS Ltd (LATAXNET-WTS Global-EC)

Caroline Bonó

Partner @ P&H Law (LATAXNET-WTS Global-DO)

Adrián Torrealba Navas

Partner @ F&N (LATAXNET-WTS Global-CR)

Stephanie Makin

Partner @ Machado Associados (LATAXNET-WTS Global-BR)

Cristian E. Rosso Alba

Partner @ RA&R (LATAXNET-WTS Global-AR)

Ricardo Marletti Debatin da Silveira

Partner @ Machado Associados (LATAXNET-WTS Global-BR)

Jorge Enrique Espinosa Sepúlveda

Partner @ EGB Abogados (LATAXNET-WTS Global-CL)

Adrián Fernando Rodríguez Piedrahita

Partner @ L&W (LATAXNET-WTS Global-CO)

Juan Carlos Garantón-Blanco

Partner @ TPA (WTS Global-VE) / President LATAXNET

Robin Minjauw

Partner @ Tiberghien (WTS Global-BE)

Raymond Wynman

Managing Director International Tax @ GTM (WTS Global-US)

Jared Walls

Partner @ Valentiam (WTS Global-US)

Rik Smet

Associate @ Tiberghien (WTS Global-BE)

Kevin Croy

Managing Director Transfer Pricing @ GTM (WTS Global-US)

Wim Wuyts

CEO @ WTS Global

Andy Neuteleers

Partner @ Tiberghien economics (WTS Global-BELUX)

Koen Morbée

Partner @ Tiberghien (WTS Global-BE/ETLC)

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LATAXNET, member of WTS Global, is a tax network of highly specialized Latin American professional firms covering 19 countries running all the way from Mexico to Argentina.

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