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This Is Me Summit 2021

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Jenny Drew

West Midlands Combined Authority

Barbara Harvey

researcher, campaigner and speaker on all aspects of workplace culture, belonging and equality.

Nikki McGowan

Talent Specialist, UBS

Jo Cole

Divisional Portfolio Manager (Cyber & InfoSec), UBS

Matt Lock

Head of Corporate Partnerships, Samaritans

Stephen Laurie

Development Manager, Samaritans

Phil Canale

Business Planning manager, BNY Mellon

Miranda Kewkin-Smith

Mental Health Network Comms Co-Lead, Bank of England

Rebekah Watson

Mental Health Network Comms Co-Lead, Bank of England

Ian Parkes

Chief Executive, ELBA

Richard Martin

Director and mental health lead, byrne.dean

Susanna Winter

Corporate Social Responsibilty Manager, Baker & McKenzie

Lynne McCaughey

Client Relationship Best Practice and Chair of Disability & Wellbeing Group, Pinsent Masons

Rebecca Eaton

Occupational Health and Wellbeing Manager, National Highways

Joe Reid

Business Development Director, Barclays

Kapila Jaykumar

Senior Programme Manager, Community Business

Mellener Coelho

India Head -Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Mental Wellbeing, Northern Trust

Paulette Cohen

Head of Diversity & Inclusion UK, Europe/ME, Barclays

The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor Alderman William Russell

Katie Burnett

 Manager Workforce Operations, B2022 Commonwealth Games

Dagmara Aldridge

Chief Operating Officer, Zumo

Lina Tercijonaite

Restructuring Manager, PwC

Stephanie Francis

Senior Community Development Worker, Anti Stigma Lead, Touchstone and Mentally Healthy Leeds

Andrew Berrie

Mental Health at Work National Lead, Mind

Tim Ackroyd

Senior Talent Manager, Mental Health, Deloitte

Farimah Darbyshire

Head of Programmes and External Relations, City Mental Health Alliance

Sally Evans

Wellbeing Lead, PwC

Robyn Vernon-Harcourt

The Lord Mayor's Appeal

Luke Brown

The Big Alliance

Rachel Bell


Rachel Bell


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Hosted by

The Lord Mayor's Appeal

A Better City for All For City employees, residents, their families and friends and those who live and work in our neighbouring communities. We aim to find solutions to the most pressing societal issues in London and beyond. Our strategy works on four key pillars, to create a City that is Inclusive, Healthy, Skilled & Fair.

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