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The Wave Summit

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Lori Lennon

Founder and CEO at Thinkubator Media

Monica Higgins

Professor at Harvard, Author of Career Imprints

Virginia Burger

Founder and CEO at New Equilibrium Biosciences

Shara Ticku

Co-founder and CEO at C16 Biosciences

Mariana Matus

CEO and Co-founder at Biobot Analytics

Sofia Elizondo

Co-founder and COO at Brightseed

Lisa Dyson

Founder at Air Protein, Chairman at Kiverdi

Jen Keane

Co-founder and CEO at Modern Synthesis

JP Mangeolle

Director at TeraPore, Former President at Sciex, Petri Co-founder

Rachel Dorin

Founder and CEO at TeraPore Technologies

Angela Koehler

Professor of Biological Engineering, Koch Institute at MIT, Scientific Founder at Kronos Bio

Jen Nwankwo

Founder and CEO at 1910 Genetics

Josh Moser

Partner at Petri

Jaye Goldstein

Head of Program at Petri

Julian Guthrie

Author of Alpha Girls, Founder & CEO at Alphy

Sangeeta Bhatia

Professor at MIT, Founder at Satellite Bio + Glympse Bio

Jasmin Hume

Founder and CEO at Shiru

Maricel Saenz

Founder at Stealth Food Co

Cheri Ackerman

Co-founder and CEO at Concerto Biosciences

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Petri develops companies attacking the world’s largest problems at the frontier of biology and engineering.