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The Thread: Conversations Beyond The Return Vol. 5

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· Networking
Registration + HopIn 101
Vibe to DJ Highfa (all the way from Benin!), learn the basics of using the platform, and meet your fellow attendees.
Oummou Diallo (@tizzy.sassy) Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae) Chip Kennedy Yayra Agbofah Nana  Oppong-Mensah DJ  Highfa
· Stage
Let's Get Radical
How do we ensure this moment continues to be a movement, demand accountability, and be radical in defining what we want.
Dhoruba Bin-Wahad Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae) Neema Githere Rania  Arnia Adrianne Smith
· Networking
Networking + Stretch Break
Catch the vibes with DJ Highfa and meet your fellow attendees
DJ  Highfa
· Stage
The Wakanda-ization of Africa
From African Twitter's uproar about Beyonce's "Black Is King" to appropriation we unpack the sensitivities and lines around increased interest in the continent.
Raja  Owusu-Ansah Seju Mike Essé @yoyotinz @thisnobeart Toni Kamau Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae)
· Networking
Networking + Stretch Break
Catch the vibes with DJ Highfa and meet your fellow attendees
DJ  Highfa
· Stage
Dismantling Internalized White Supremacy
We may be focused on dismantling white supremacy from the outside, but our internal work is just as important.
Ọbádélé Kambon Risikat Okedeyi Niama Safia Sandy Elle Williams @queen_ne4titi Dash  Harris Machado (she/ella)
· Stage
Entitled Short Film + Discussion with Founder of Online African Film Festival (OAFF)
The founder of the Online African Film Festival shares "Entitled" a short film and introduces their plan to bring African film to the world.
Jean FALL Cinewax (OAFF) Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae)
· Stage
Let's Define Our Own Freedom
How are we choosing to live (with an emphasis on choice), who are we choosing to be, and how are we making space for the whole?
Donnya Piggott Zim Flores Benjamin Fernandes (@benji_fernandes) Carmen Rodgers Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae)
· Stage
Repatriation in a Post COVID-19 World
As the West gets it increasingly wrong on COVID-19, the bell tolls even louder on moving back to the continent.
KWEKU ESSIEN Diallo Sumbry Omolola Adele-Oso (@ladeleoso) | @awakenandheal Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae)
· Networking
Networking + Stretch Break
Jam to DJ Highfa or meet new folks in the networking room
DJ  Highfa
· Stage
What Did Your Parents Say About Black People?
Examining what our elders taught us about blackness, being African, being Caribbean, being African American, and more.
Michael "Kiko" Akiko (@theycallmekiko) Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae) DJ Milktray (IG Djmilktray) Erika Lewis Toyosi (IG @the_toyosi)
· Stage
Dislodging Patriarchy and Centering Black Women
We unpack how we dismantle misogynoir and patriarchy and share what real allyship looks like from Black Men to Black Women.
Jamhuri Kimathi @jwkimathi Chase Emanuel Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae) Mercy  (@itsMercyC)
· Networking
Networking + Stretch Break
DJ Highfa spinning on the main stage - make the connects in the networking room (or in the chat!)
DJ  Highfa
· Stage
Creating Our Future
We close out The Thread with a conversation with two visionaries that continue to build the seemingly impossible. You don't want to miss this.
Candice Matthews Brackeen Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae) Thogori  Karago Julie Wenah
· Stage
Closing + The Let Out
DJ  Highfa


Nana Boateng

The Thread Social Manager

Jamhuri Kimathi @jwkimathi

Designer @Jamhuri

Candice Matthews Brackeen

Managing Partner

Dhoruba Bin-Wahad

Founder, Black Liberation Army Leader, Black Panther Party

Chase Emanuel

Partnerships @Carta

Michael "Kiko" Akiko (@theycallmekiko)

Global Music Executive

Donnya Piggott

Social Tech Entrepreneur

Ọbádélé Kambon

Senior Research Fellow & Research Coordinator

Oummou Diallo (@tizzy.sassy)

Volunteer @Tastemakers Africa

Julie Wenah

Founder @albummixtape

Thogori Karago

CEO of pass me the aux

Mercy (@itsMercyC)

Marketing and PR Strategist

Toyosi (IG @the_toyosi)

Entrepreneur and Media Personality

Erika Lewis

Co-Founder @gritsandbiscuits

DJ Milktray (IG Djmilktray)

International DJ + Founder at @SBE (Sweetboyz Ent)


CEO at Black Ant Technologies Limited

Risikat Okedeyi

Cultural Architect | Professor | Goddess

Dash Harris Machado (she/ella)

Journalist and Entrepreneur Founder @afrolatinotravel

Adrianne Smith

Global Director, Inclusion and Diversity @wpp

Jean FALL Cinewax (OAFF)

Founder @Cinewax

Nana Oppong-Mensah

Social Media @Tastemakers Africa

Yayra Agbofah

Community Manager @Tastemakers Africa

Chip Kennedy

CTO @Tastemakers Africa

Cheraé Robinson (@sasyrae)

Founder & CEO @Tastemakers Africa

Rania Arnia

Social Activist and Entrepreneur

Neema Githere

Guerilla Theorist and creator

Elle Williams @queen_ne4titi

Strategist and Entrepreneur

Niama Safia Sandy

Afrofuturist Diasporadical Fly Girl

Carmen Rodgers


Benjamin Fernandes (@benji_fernandes)

Founder and CEO

Zim Flores

Founder and CEO Emeritus @travelnoire | @awakenandheal

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Omolola Adele-Oso (@ladeleoso)

Architect, Serial AfriCANpreneur

Diallo Sumbry

President & CEO of @theadinkragroup

Toni Kamau

Producer, Director, Member of the Academy

Essé @yoyotinz @thisnobeart

Co Founder @yoyotinz

Seju Mike

Founder @osengwa @iraami.tribe

Raja Owusu-Ansah

Owner @republicbarghana

DJ Highfa

Resident Selecta

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