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The Things Conference 2021

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Oliver Brandmüller

Deutsche Bahn

Ali Miller

Co-Founder - KoolZone

Barney Barnowski

VP Sales & Marketing - TEKTELIC

Uwe Scholz

Business Development – comtac AG

Urs Moser

CSO - comtac AG

adarsh krishnan

Research Director - ABI Research

Alexander Raimondi

Director Embedded Design - Miromico

Richard Perry

Sales & Development Manager - Lucy Zodion

Krishna Iyer Easwaran

Stack Engineer & Operations - The Things Industries

Markus Ridder


Nicholas Xu

Sales Engineer - Mokosmart

Roman Kuisys

Senior Sales Manager - DIGIMONDO

Christopher Rath


Björn Rosqvist

Head Of Product Development - Qoitech

Rishabh Chauhan

Business Development - The Things Industries

Manikanta Y

Product Manager - CyberEye

Bartosz Boryna

Senior Application Engineer - ST

Reinhard Bischoff

CEO - Decentlab

Martin Hubik

MCU Application Engineer - ST


Developer - ST

Gert Toes

New Business Manager - DIGIMONDO

Vanja Samuelsson

Founder & CEO - Qoitech

Fabian Gerschwiler

Product Manager - Akenza

Benjamin Cabé

Principal Program Manager - Microsoft Azure IoT

Allen Proithis

CEO - Capstone Partners

Bogdans Afonins

Stack Engineer - The Things Industries

Tim Cooper

Principal RF Application Engineer of Wireless and Sensing Products Group - Semtech

Sascha Jäckle

Head Of Business Development - Parametric GmbH

Dimitris Mamalis

CEO - Kudzu Technologies

Mathias Bünte

Business Development Manager - Bopla

Mert Karabagli

Application Engineer - Nowi

Tibor Keller

Senior Application Engineer - Nowi

Rob Tiffany

Vice President & Global Head of IoT Strategy - Ericsson

Sven Nitsche

Field Application Engineer - BOSCH

Alexander Paharukov

Expert Security Engineering - Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions

Lyubomir Yanchev

Managing Partner - MClimate

Joeri Verasdonck

Founder & Tech Lead - AmbiTek

Wienke Giezeman

CEO - The Things Industries

Afzal Mangal

Initiator - Deutsche Telekom

David Evans

IoT Solution Architect - Robustel

Ektor Sotiropoulos

Product manager MV and GIS Surge arresters – Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Pieter Vogels

Co-Founder - mOOvement

Jon Helge Ulstein

Senior Project Manager - Lora IoT AS

Moha Alhennawi

Business Development manager - Browan Communications

Charles Reed Anderson

Founder - CRA & Associates

Jocelyn Ricard

Software Architect - ST

Ehsan Zabihi

Application Engineer - Nowi

Jamie Wark

Senior Design Engineer - Halter

Paul Lindop

Founder & Director - SmartRural.Coop

Mohan Gundu

Vice President, IoT Apps and Cloud Services - Veea

Gilles Ghyssaert

Global Solution Consultant - Spacewell

Dan Quant

Vice President of Strategic Development - Multi-Tech Systems, Inc

Louis Moreau

Product Marketing Manager - Scaleway

Leonard Lee

Founder & Managing Director - neXt Curve

Sébastien Dudek

Security Researcher - Trend Micro

Eivind Holt

Senior Developer - DIPS

Fabio Violante

CEO - Arduino

Pedro Pachuca

Marketing Director of Wireless and Sensing Products - Semtech

Pedro Mendoza

Solutions Architect - IoT at Amazon Web Services

Albert Zaragoza

CTO & Head of Engineering - Worldsensing

Olivier Seller

Technical Fellow of Wireless IP - Semtech

Alistair Fulton

Vice President and GM - Semtech's Wireless and Sensing Products Group

Thomas Telkamp

CTO & Co-founder - Lacuna Space

Rob Cartwright

Founder - Ver Facil Limited

Schekeb Fateh

Business Development - Miromico


Product Line Marketing Manager - ST Microelectronics

Albert Baker

COO - Danalto

Nicolas Demoulin

EMEA Marketing Manager - Microchip Technology Inc.

Yavuz Turan

Test Engineer - IMST

Nicolay Jansen

CEO - Telespor

Bas Ummels

Business Lead - AmbiTek

Orkhan AmirAslan

Hardware Developer - The Things Industries

Ahmed Elsalahy

Embedded Developer - The Things Industries

Roman Staszewski

Founder - Zenseio

Karthik Ranjan

AWS LoRaWAN Ecosystem

Glenn Tvetmarken

Digital Solutions Manager - RAA Labs

richard pettersen

Founder & CTO - Vicotee

Brandon Cannaday

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer - Losant

Mark Tubinis

Chief Commercial Officer - Veea

Alberto Marri

Senior Software Engineer - Embit

Alexander Overtoom (TTI)

Head of Business Development - The Things Industries

Marc Pous

Developer Advocate -

Franco Zampicinini

Senior Hardware Design Engineer - mcf88

Zach Shelby

CEO - Edge Impulse

Sree Durbha

Product Line Management - Semtech

Fabien Ferrero

Professor - Université Côte d'Azur

Stefan Zimmermann

CEO - comtac

Tuofu Lu

Principle Product Marketing Manager of Wireless and Sensing Products Group - Semtech

Adam Sobol

Founder and CEO - CareBand

Derek Hunt

Director of Certification & Certification Committee Chair - LoRa Alliance

Jack Stuart

Director of Business Development & Marketing - TEKTELIC

Jan Jongboom

Co-Founder & CTO - Edge Impulse

Luka Mustafa

Founder - IRNAS


Product & Marketing Manager - SAFT

Jaume Anguera

Co-founder & CTO - Fractus Antennas

Tim van Dam

Co-founder - Smart Parks

Ben Olayinka

Developer Advocate - The Things Industries

Sebastian Romero

Lead Interaction Designer & Creative Technologist - Arduino

Rathinasamy K S

Technical Director - Enthu Technology Solutions India

David Sepúlveda

Lead IoT Applications Engineer - Ubidots

Jan Willem Smeenk


Brandon Satrom

Director of Developer Experience - blues Wireless

Maria Hernandez

Developer Relations Lead - RAK Wireless

Jonas Munch Wahl

Solution Developer - Raa Labs

Ken Everett

CEO - Digital Matter

Elisabeth Schloten

CEO & Founder - ECBM

Jonas Schmid

Co-CEO & VP Business - Akenza

Beray Bentesen

Founder & CEO - Qubitro, Inc.

Tom Zamir

Owner - IoT Experts

Dennis Kolberg

CPO - Digimondo

Matt Hatton

Founding Partner - Transforma Insights

Marco Mantoan

Technical Solutions Architect - Akenza

Paul Hayes

Co-founder & Technical Director - AllioT

Cristian Yones

Machine Learning Engineer - RoLa Guard

Al Bennett

Director - Sensational Systems

Itziar de la Torre [IMST GmbH]

Software Engineer - IMST

Jean-Francois SAVIN

Application Engineer - Saft

Marc Pegulu

Vice President Wireless LoRa & IoT - Semtech

Jaap Groot

CEO - Fractus Antennas

Steve Taranovich

Technical Writer

Josh Cox

CEO - Oxit

Florian Raschbichler

Head of Support - HiveMQ

Roman Korkikian

Hardware Security Expert - Nagra

Adam Benzion

CXO - Edge Impulse

Jose Marcelino

Solutions Architect - RAK Wireless

Donna Moore

CEO & Chairwoman - LoRa Alliance

Agustin Pelaez

CEO & Co-Founder - Ubidots

Richard Fuller

Senior Principle Systems Engineer - Semtech

Johan Stokking

CTO - The Things Industries

Catherine Caruana-McManus

Co-Founder & Director - Meshed IoT

Dave Kjendal

Chair Regional Parameters Working Group - LoRa Alliance

Paul Pinault

IT Architect - be-ys group

Alper Yegin

Vice Chairman - LoRa Alliance

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The Things Industries


The Things Industries

The secure and scalable LoRaWAN network server to monitor your low-power, long-range IoT solution. For enterprises big and small.

Semtech Corporation

LoRa® for Everyone


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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Cloud Services for LoRaWAN Deployment

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We Make Embedded Machine Learning Sexy!

Veea Inc.

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IoT devices, software applications and payment systems.

Fractus Antennas

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Browan Communications

Come discover Browan’s current range of LoRaWAN devices and gateways as well as our innovative upcoming products!

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Deutsche Telekom IoT Creators

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How long does your LoRaWAN device last?

comtac AG


Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.

LoRaWAN Solutions for Industrial IoT

Lucy Zodion

Unlock the potential of tomorrow's cities

Digital Matter

Track Anything, Anywhere


Your Digital Problem Solver


Simply enabling IoT with Digital Twins


Akenza platform - IoT Made Simple


We are the IoT experts in North America |


Open Source Operations, Cybersecurity & Compliance Management Platform


Your challenge - our solution!

Alliot Technologies

Alliot Technologies - Leading IoT solutions company specialising in LoRaWAN IoT hardware, software & services. Value Added Distributor providing end to end solutions or just part of the solution. Supported with Consultation and planned bespoke fufilment.


Asset Tracking Made Simple.


Midatronics - Certified IoT System on Modules with Antenna


Your IoT Solution Provider


The home of SBC and IoT for Makers, Educators, Resellers & OEMs.


4G/LTE/LPWAN/5G Gateways & Solutions for Industrial IoT

Seeed Technology

Seeed is among the world’s TOP3 open hardware providers, serves global market with best-in-class IoT products.

Decentlab GmbH

Decentlab is a Swiss company providing wireless sensor devices and services for distributed, cost-effective monitoring solutions.

Kudelski IoT

IoT security services & systems to ensure your success

Embit srl

Design and production of wireless modules and embedded systems


IoT Solutions Provider & Device Manufacturer


Scaleway, the Cloud that makes senses

LoRaWAN connectivity Everywhere

Kudzu Technologies

Connectivity Redefined


Enabling the Data-Driven Future, Today.


Outdoor and Infrastructure Solutions


Better living through technology

blues wireless

We provide cellular that works, so you can build IoT products that change the world.


SaaS IoT Application Development Platform