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The Techstars Sustainability Summit

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Challenge Partners Include:


Isabel Garza Rodriguez

Economic Affairs Officer in the Accounting and Corporate Governance, Enterprise Division

Chris Allieri

Founder and Principal at Mulberry & Astor

Kristi Walthall

Mentor Catalyst at Techstars

Kevin Liu

Investments at Techstars

Morgan Berman

Senior Director of Growth, Americas at Techstars

Saba Karim

Global Startup Pipeline Manager at Techstars

Christopher Peacock

CEO and Founder at AQUAOSO Technologies

Sophie Purdom

Co-Founder at Climate Tech VC

Josh Browne

Founder and COO at Rho AI

Danielle Joseph

Executive Director at Closed Loop Partners

Lalitha Wemel

Regional Director (APAC), Community at Techstars

Johan Falk

Co-founder and Head of Exponential Roadmap Initiative and lead author of the 1.5°C Business Playbook

Kristen Winzent

Co-Founder at The Regenerates

Merrill Feather

Co-Founder at The Regenerates

Chante Harris

Senior Manager of Venture for ClimateTech at SecondMuse

Raj Aggarwal

Founder of Provoc

Jason Yoho

Chief Commercial Officer at 2NDNATURE Software

Charlotte Sewell

Strategic Advisor to the B Global Climate Task Force

Jose Iglesias

Senior Director of Community at Techstars

Grant Canary

Founder and CEO at DroneSeed

Julia Kumari Drapkin

CEO & Founder at ISeeChange

Vaughn Blake

Partner at Blue Bear Capital

Sang Shin

Director of Digital Innovation

Shayle Kann

Partner at Energy Impact Partners

Diego Saez Gil

Co-founder & CEO at Pachama

Clay Dumas

Partner at Lowercarbon Capital

Jason Jacobs

Founder of My Climate Journey (MCJ)

Lesa Mitchell

General Manager, Techstars

Amir Banifatemi

Chief Innovation and Growth Officer at XPRIZE

Kamal Kapadia

Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer at

Nicholas Flanders

CEO and Co-Founder at Opus 12

Austin Whitman

CEO Climate Neutral

Jasmine Crowe

Founder and CEO at Goodr

Hannah Davis

Program Director at the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator

Cody Simms

Senior Vice President, Climate & Sustainability at Techstars

Nicole Systrom

Founder, Sutro Energy Group

Maelle Gavet

CEO, Techstars

Ron Gonen

Founder and CEO of Closed Loop Partners

Saba @ Techstars

Global Startup Pipeline Manager at Techstars

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Meet the Finalist!


Meet the Finalist!


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Meet the Finalist!

Meet the Finalist!


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