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The Restaurant Tech Summit

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Dave Arnold

Host, Cooking Issues; Founder, MOFAD

Paige Newcombe

COO, Fourth

Scott Lawton

CEO, BarTaco

Ben Leventhal

Co-founder of Resy, co-founder of

Marty Hahnfeld

Chief Customer Officer, Olo

Mike Bell

CEO, Miso Robotics

Amir Hudda


Jessi Moss

CTO, Kitchen United

Trish Paterson

CEO, Copper Branch

Will Clem

Co-Founder, Bite Ninja

Corey Manicone

CEO, Zuul

Ilir Sela

Founder & CEO, Slice

Robert Earl

Founder, Virtual Dining Concepts

Alex Canter

CEO, NextBite

Krystle Mobayeni

CEO, BentoBox

Carlos Gazitua

CEO, Sergios Family Restaurants

Andy Wiederhorn

CEO, Fat Brands

Adam Brotman

CEO, Brightloom

Josh Phillips

Managing Partner, Destination Unknown Restaurants

Ali Kashani

CEO, Serve Robotics

Michael Schatzberg

Cofounder, Branded Strategic Hospitality

Allison Page

Founder, Sevenrooms

Jordan Thaeler

Founder, Reforming Retail

Bryan Solar

GM - Restaurants, Square

Angela Diffly

Founder, Restaurant Technology Network

Geoff Alexander

CEO, Wow Bao

Michael Wolf

Founder, The Spoon

Kristen Hawley

Founder, Expedite

Jenn Marston

Senior Editor, The Spoon

Alex Barseghian

Founder, RoboEatz

Michael Wallace

CEO, Perfect Company

Brita Rosenheim

Partner at Culterra Capital

Matt Niehaus

SVP of Payments, Slice

Ava Ghaiumy

Global Food Services, Delivery Hero

Warren Tseng


Susan Lucas

CIO, Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Michael Schaefer

Global Lead, Food & Beverage - Euromonitor

Christopher Albrecht

Editor, The Spoon

Christopher Sebes

Restaurant Tech Entrepreneur

Robert Peterson

VP, Oracle Food & Beverage

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The Spoon

The leading media and events site following the food tech revolution.

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