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The Road to Metamorphosis 3.0 | DecentralHacks 2021

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Nikhil Bhintade

Growth Associate at Octaloop

Francesco George Renzi

CEO & Co-founder at Superfluid

Mati Greenspan

Founder & CEO at Quantum Economics

Andrew Adcock

CEO at Crowd for Angels

Jaye Harrill

Communications Manager at Quantstamp

Vikas Singh

Founder & CEO at Bloque Labs

Kashif Raza

Founder at Bitinning

Anna Tutova

CEO at Coinstelegram

Kirill Kuznetcov

Lead Blockchain Engineer at 1inch Network

Jack Tao

CEO at Phemex

Edgar Moreau

Co-founder at Fuji DAO

Sree Lekhya

Developer at Kyber Network

Ian Fong

Director, Marketing & Partnerships at Propine

Dan Edlebeck

Co-Founder & CEO at Exidio

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr

Editor-in-Chief at Cointelegraph

Joel Thorstensson

CTO & Co-Founder at 3Box Labs

Shivani Gupta Henderson

Integration Engineer at Aave

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