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Kosta Mavroulakis

Founder and CEO, Empact Ventures

Philip Marais

Global Startup Program Leader, OVHcloud Startup Program

Filippo Sanesi

Startup Program Manager UK, Ireland and Northern Europe at OVHcloud

Alexander Grau

DACH Startup Program Leader at OVHcloud Startup Program

Max Bray

Investor at K-Fund

Nick Howe 💙

Enterprise & Climate Partnerships Manager NatWest

Miryam Lazarte

Co-Founder and CEO Latam Startups

Shan Millie

Managing Director Bright Blue Hare

Sarunas Nastys

COO Serica

Emma Dennard

VP Northern Europe · OVHcloud

Jonathan Hill

Head of Investor Relations Ruffena Capital

Ilaria Navoni

Event Manager

Chandresh Pala

Co-Founder at Exponential Positive Impact Capital (EPIC)

David Priestley

Chief Product Officer VitalityChief Product Officer Vitality

Lukasz Skarka

Investment Director, CEE EIT InnoEnergy

Andrew Smith

Director Greenbackers Investment Capital

Jim Cooper

BlueTech/Synbio Accelerator

Kuldip Sangha

Marketing Development Manager OVHcloud

Bharath Akki

Cloud Architect - OVHcloud

Nacho Sanchez Vazquez

Investment Associate Adara Ventures

Filippo Vanara

Senior Research Analyst - European Cloud Ops IDC (European CloudOps and Cloud Governance)

Swellen Arnaud

Sustainability Director at OVHcloud

Nicolas Bizard

Pre-Sales Engineer at OVHcloud

Sunil Dial

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Candidatex

Prakhar Pandey

Investment Associate - Angels Den Funding

Darshita Gillies

Founder & CEO

Jan Labohý

Copernicus data analysts

Mateusz Wojdylo

CVO and Founder

Noémie Billion

Strategy and Business Intelligence at Greenly

Elena Maksimovich

Founder and CEO - Weather Trade Net

Steven Charlap

Founder and CEO at SOAP Health

Chris Bilborough

Rewards 4 Earth

Nana Wilberforce


Chris Nutman

Founder & CEO of Global Teacher

andrea demichelis

Founder and CEO - Elliot for Water

Othman Kabbaj


Joanna Maraszek

Head of Product at Plan Be Eco

Zoe Sloma

Founder and CEO at Tern Eco

Stephan Savarese

Founder and CEO at TechnoCarbon

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Empact Ventures

Empact Ventures are Super Connectors who open the right doors at the right time to help the right people to achieve the right mutual outcomes.

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OVHcloud Startup Program Contest

Green Room: Support for Speakers participating in the Event.

Our Colleague Andrea is happy to help you

Bharath Akki Solution Architect at OVHcloud


Nicolas Bizard, Pre-Sales Engineer at OVHcloud



Serica is a global technology and financial advisory firm that empowers innovators to leverage the agility and scale of the Chinese market to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

Elliot For Water

Elliot For Water's mission is to provide access to safe drinking water to villages in Africa, Asia and South America. This is achieved by transforming something that people do every day, for free, into something powerful: the clicks on a search engine, become drops of water!


Greenly : Carbon Management Made Simple


The Honest Marketing Agency for Startups

Global Teacher

Global Teacher: Educating One Million Marginalised

Ruffena Investment Group

Capital, Lending & Property

Maanch Limited

More effective ESG enagaements


Exponential Positive Impact Capital

SOAP Health

The Ideal Medical Assistant. Everyone needs one.


.Recently, the demand for video streaming has skyrocketed. This is met with a growing number of servers, which yet implies increasing electricity needs to function. Optimizing streaming architecture is now crucial and this is what QUANTEEC offers to any broadcaster or OTT platform provider: an innovative web3-inspired technology capable of solving scaling, quality and energy issues by turning each viewer into a smart and virtuous re-streamer. Three core principles guide the QUANTEEC philosophy: Energy reduction, Performance and Costs savings. The QUANTEEC motto is: More with Less. Practically, QUANTEEC enables: 1) For the planet: significant energy reduction 2) For viewers: optimal quality (no matter the number of simultaneous viewers) 3) For content providers: important costs saving on CDN bills The technology is CDN-agnostic and only needs few minutes to be installed on any video player.


Life Cycle Analysis simply reinvented

Weather Trade Net

First physical climate data marketplace

Seven Legal

Your trusted legal partner for the journey - from funding to exit

Ping4All Sarl

At our Sport HealthTech Startup, we are committed to creating a sustainable future by democratizing the knowledge and providing millions of people with the tools they need to preserve and boost their physical and cognitive capabilities. Through our AI-powered training platform and expert recommendation system (RecSys), we help seniors and children track their performance and motion during personalized training sessions. Our knowledge base is being built by sport experts and healthcare professionals to ensure that we can provide the best possible training programs that are tailored to individual needs. By making our services accessible and ubiquitous through AI, we aim to have a significant social impact, promoting a culture of sustainable practices that empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future, one where everyone can benefit from the latest advances in sport health technology.



Worlds first automated mobile CO2 emissions tracker for commuting - fractional Directors

Angels Den

Investment in Early Stage Businesses