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The Orchard Presents: IndustryEd

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Michelle Reynolds

Associate Director, Sales & Marketing

Tonia Samman

Senior Director, Label Management

Mitchell Dudley

Senior Director, Label Management

Benjamin Burstein

Associate Director, Label Management

Allison Kleshefsky

Manager, Account Management

Jamelia Campbell

Manager, Account Management & Marketing (Canada)

Ashley Hall

Associate Director, International Label Management

Viviana Arias Botero

Director, Advertising

Theizu Telewoda

Director, Account Management

Ryan Whitman

Associate Director, Digital Marketing

Jim Leavitt

Director, Sync & Licensing

Olivia Wherry

Lead Product Manager

Sammy Pisano

Associate Director, Account Management

Ines Sapochnik

Director, Sales & Marketing, Latin

Alex Frank

Senior Director, Marketing & Promotion

Zac Mantell

Senior Director, Label Management

Tricia Arnold

SVP Global Label Management & Sales

Anette Collins

Senior Director, International Artist Services

Priya Dewan

VP South Korea & Southeast Asia

Jennifer Schwartz

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

Steph Kurse

Manager, Video Services

Francesca Caldara

Sr. A&R Manager, Unified Music Group

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Available until October 16, 01:30PM EDT.

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The Orchard

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