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The Online Men's Gathering 2021

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Rudran Brannock


Rod Williams


Bushy Dan


Richard Kaser


Richmond Heath


[Via Zoom] Helen Glover

Divorce - The Process, Letting Go & Beginning Anew

[Via Zoom] Eve Glimma

Holistic Sexuality - The Nature of Sexual Energy

[Via Zoom] Rae Bonney

Creating Environments that Support Good Mental Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Brendan Nichols

How To Be Rich & Keep Your Soul

Nick Columb

Co-Founder, Psychotherapist & Heart Circle Facilitator

Warren Roberts

Storytelling Workshop

Vern Hardie

A Dad’s Journey

Steve Biddulph

The Road to Manhood

Stephen Halsall

Rites of Passage for Teenagers

Sam Robertson

Reclaiming Instinct - Body-Based Nature Connection

Richard Maloney

How To Become The Best Version Of You!

Nicholas De Castella

Transformational Leadership Empowerment with Breathwork

Keith Motes

Shaking Medicine - Therapeutic Tremoring for Vibrant Health

Justin Holland

Chaos, Rhythm and Life - learning from making mistakes

Jonathan Bender

Self-Expression for Men: Performance Skills for Authenticity, Presence & Aliveness

Jonah Robins

Breaking Down the Barriers to The Real You

John Harvey

Speaking Your Truth: How to confidently present & sell with soul

Jaymin Patel

The Integrated Father - How to Create more Connection to Your Kids, Your Partner, and Yourself

James Greenshields

Harmonic Leadership: A New Way To Lead

Fernando Aguiar

Moving Da Pelvis

Eugene Vassilas

Rebel Confidence: How to Smash Self-Doubt, Speak Your Truth, and Set your World on Fire

Craig Ball

Reclaim Your Power

Brett Dellar

Switching Perceptions - Understanding why You are You!

Bob Eden

The Gift of Depression

Bill Lee-Emery

‘How To Be Bulletproof From Criticism’ (even from yourself!)

Arne Rubenstein

Men, Leadership and Contemporary Rites of Passage

Alan Stevens

How to Communicate and Build Stronger Relationships

Peter Kroll

Why should I join a men's group and how do I find one? - Co-Organiser

Justin [Tech Support]

Co-Organiser, Tech Support

Paul Kefford

Co-Organiser, Creator of Cecil's Men's Hub

Shanti Daniel

Wake Up - Shake Out - Qi Gong - And Roar!

Paul Mischefski

From Childhood to the Service of Eldership - A Timeline of Masculine Development

Adam Weaver (OMG Committee)

Co-Organiser, Qualified Counsellor & Heart Circle Facilitator

Nico DiMattina

Rise Ecstatic Disco: An uplifting moving meditation to DISCO-ver your authentic self-expression.

Raymond Lambert

How Men Supporting Women's Wellbeing Supports Us All

Phil Lamport

The power of group work for surviving (and thriving) through situational distress

Nathan Meola

A Telling of The Lindworm Myth

Michael White

Forts, Freedom and the Enneagram

Michael Murphy

Moving Towards a Healthier Body and Mind

Michael Zoupa

Be your own Hero

Lukas Katsaros

SOS: Story of Suffering - Story of Success

Lee Stagles

Embodying Masculine Archetypes

Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz

How To Adjust From Surviving Boy To Authentic Man

Ian Banyard

How connecting with (embodying) nature and our true nature, can improve men's health and wellbeing

Gordon Roberts

Introduction to Mindfulness Self-Compassion

Dan Hanson

The Trouble with Women!' - The Mature Masculine and Tales from the Female Perspective

Craig Wyld

The Art of Gratitude – Experiencing the Magnificence of Life

Andrew Bryce

Emotional Freedom for Men

Alistair McKinnon

Nonviolent Communication for Deeper Intimacy

The event is over

The OMG is proudly presented by Men’s Wellbeing Inc, a non-profit association of men dedicated to supporting the health & wellbeing of men.

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People We'd Like to Thank

Cecil's Men's Hub

Committed to Educate the Community to Improve Lives

Common Ground

Facilitated 9-Week Men's Group by Mens Wellbeing

Adam Weaver

Connected Spirit Counselling

Rekindling Relationships

Personal & Couples Mentoring by Bec & Vern

Bill Lee-Emery

How To Be Bulletproof From Criticism


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