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The International Technology Summit

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· Networking
Pre-Conference Networking
The conference will start at 12pm EST, feel free to join the networking session while we prepare to kick-off!
2021-02-04T11:30:00Z 2021-02-04T12:00:00Z America/New_York Pre-Conference+Networking Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Welcome Remarks & Bermuda's Fintech Vision
Penrose and the Bermuda Government’s Fintech Office to welcome guests and announce objectives for the Summit and present Bermuda's Fintech vision.
Marcus Wade Sean Stapley
2021-02-04T12:00:00Z 2021-02-04T12:20:00Z America/New_York Welcome+Remarks+%26+Bermuda%27s+Fintech+Vision Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Fireside Chat with The Premier of Bermuda & Canadian Consulate of NY
A discussion between Bermuda and Canada’s Government leaders on driving economic growth through international trade of technology and innovation.
Hon. Premier David Burt Khawar Nasim Kerem Kolcuoglu
2021-02-04T12:20:00Z 2021-02-04T13:00:00Z America/New_York Fireside+Chat+with+The+Premier+of+Bermuda+%26+Canadian+Consulate+of+NY Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Keynote: InnoFund Innovation Incubator Launch
InnoFund to announce the launch of the I3 Incubator Program in Bermuda to support international technology startups looking to implement and launch in Bermuda.
Aaron Smith Gayle Gorman
2021-02-04T13:00:00Z 2021-02-04T13:30:00Z America/New_York Keynote%3A+InnoFund+Innovation+Incubator+Launch Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Panel Discussion 1: Bermuda Fintech 2021 & Beyond
A discussion around the foundation Bermuda’s public and private sector has laid to test and build a prospering fintech ecosystem for the foreseeable future.
Ashton Easton Aqsa Zubair Sean Moran Denis Pitcher Eric Kryski
2021-02-04T13:30:00Z 2021-02-04T14:10:00Z America/New_York Panel+Discussion+1%3A+Bermuda+Fintech+2021+%26+Beyond Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Panel Discussion 2: Institutional Investment & Adoption of Digital Assets
A discussion with some of the first movers to research and develop products for institutions and the greater financial markets.
Greg Carson Gerard Dache Fred Pye James Burron Monika  Adams
2021-02-04T14:10:00Z 2021-02-04T14:55:00Z America/New_York Panel+Discussion+2%3A+Institutional+Investment+%26+Adoption+of+Digital+Assets Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Panel Discussion 3: DeFi, Crypto and the Future of Digital Assets
A new wave of decentralized financial products are hitting the market and the crypto market has just surpassed $1 Trillion.
Alex Daskalov Ethan Buchman Michael Gord Hanna Zaidi Aidan Hyman
2021-02-04T14:55:00Z 2021-02-04T15:40:00Z America/New_York Panel+Discussion+3%3A++DeFi%2C+Crypto+and+the+Future+of+Digital+Assets Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Panel Discussion 4: Sustainable Solutions with Blockchain
The final panel will explore how blockchain has enabled innovators to create new digital systems to progress sustainability initiatives around the globe.
Joshua Bijak Katherine Foster Harry Grocott Darren  Wolfberg Pascal Leblanc
2021-02-04T15:40:00Z 2021-02-04T16:15:00Z America/New_York Panel+Discussion+4%3A++Sustainable+Solutions+with+Blockchain Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Final Keynote: Bloomberg Bitcoin Insights with Mike McGlone
Insights from Bloomberg Intelligence’s Commodity Strategist, Mike McGlone on recent trends and crypto market analysis.
Kerem Kolcuoglu Mike McGlone
2021-02-04T16:15:00Z 2021-02-04T16:45:00Z America/New_York Final+Keynote%3A+Bloomberg+Bitcoin+Insights+with+Mike+McGlone Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Greg Carson

Partner, Head of Ventures @ XBTO / Stablehouse

Hon. Premier David Burt

Premier of Bermuda

Gerard Dache

Executive Director @ Government Blockchain Association

Fred Pye

Chairman & CEO @ 3IQ Corp

Philippe Bekhazi

CEO @ Stablehouse

Ashton Easton

Analyst @ Bittrex Global

Jill Richmond

CRO @ Jewel Bank

Joshua Bijak

CTO @ Creol

Ethan Buchman

CEO @ Informal Systems. Co-founder @ Cosmos

Aqsa Zubair

Senior Officer, Fintech & Blockchain @ Bermuda Monetary Authority

Katherine Foster

Executive Strategy Officer @ Open Earth Foundation

James Burron

President @ CAASA

Khawar Nasim

Acting Consul General @ The Consulate General of Canada in New York

Michael Gord

CEO @ GDA Capital

Sean Moran

SVP, Head of Business Development @ Clarien Bank

Alex Daskalov

CEO @ Knox Custody

Marcus Wade

Manager @ Premier's Office of Fintech, Bermuda Government

Mike McGlone

Senior Commodity Strategist @ Bloomberg Intelligence

Aaron Smith

Founder @ InnoFund

Darren Wolfberg

CEO @ Blockchain Triangle

Gayle Gorman

Founder @ InnoFund

Hanna Zaidi

Director, Regulatory Operations @ Wealthsimple

Pascal Leblanc

CEO @ Mantle Blockchain

Eric Kryski

CEO @ Bidali

Kerem Kolcuoglu

Partner @ Penrose Partners

Kevin Richards

Managing Director @ Bermuda Asset Management

Aidan Hyman

CEO @ ChainSafe

Sean Stapley

Partner @ Penrose Partners

Denis Pitcher

Chief Fintech Advisor to The Premier of Bermuda

Harry Grocott

CEO @ Treeconomy

Monika Adams

Founder & Managing Director @ Kastleway Compliance

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