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Sponsors & Partners


Matthias Petschke

Director, Space, European Commission

Francois Lombard

SVP Intelligence, Connected Intelligence, Airbus Defence & Space

Sean Wiid


John P Janka

Chief Officer, Global Government Affairs & Regulatory, Viasat

Sara Lucatello

Vice President, European Astronomical Society

Ferdinand Kayser

Strategic Advisor to the CEO, SES

Ferdinand Kayser

Strategic Advisor to the CEO, SES

Sean Wiid

CEO of Up42

Sean Mitchell

Chief Commercial Officer, Ubotica Technologies Ltd

Jonas Radtk

Co-founder and COO, OKAPI:Orbits GmbH

Joerg Kreisel

Chairman & Co-founder, iBOSS GmbH

Martin Duursma

Partner, Main Sequence Ventures

Hidetaka Aoki

Director, Global Brain

Elodie Robin-Guillerme

Founder of Alidade Ventures

Bogdan Gogulan

CEO & Managing Partner, NewSpace Capita

Thomas Tanghe

Partner, SpaceTec Partners

Carla Filotico

Partner, SpaceTec Partners

Jacob Geer

Head of Space Surveillance and Tracking, UK Space Agency

Steve Petrie

Director, Carrier and Enterprise, UK & Europe, OneWeb

Peng Zhao

Director, Government and Policy, OneWeb

Franck Delille

General Manager, Bigblu Nordics

Daniela Petrovic

Delivery Director, Darwin

Nikolai Khlystov

Lead, Space, World Economic Forum

Steve Collar


Christophe Grudler

MEP, European Parliament

Christophe Allemand

4S Strategic Programme Manager, ESA

Daniel Zavala-Araiza

Senior Scientist, MethaneSAT

Thierry Breton

Commissioner of Internal Market, European Commission

Stella Guillen

Chief Commercial Officer, Isar Aerospace Technologies

Antonio Abad

Chief Technical and Operations Officer, Hispasat

Miguel Angel Molina

Strategy & Business Development Manager, GMV

Philippe Pham

SVP & Head of Earth Observation and Science, Airbus Defence and Space

Joel Toussaint

Director of European Institutions, NATO, Space and Defence, HPE

Jorge Potti

General Manager of Space, GMV

Timo Pesonen

Director General, DG DEFIS, European Commission

Nicholas Nelson

Principal Researcher and Head of European Operations, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Guillaume de la Brosse

Head of Unit, Innovation, Start-ups & Economics, DG DEFIS, European Commission

Marc Serres

CEO, Luxembourg Space Agency

Pascal Rogiest

Chief European Institutions Officer and Managing Director, RHEA System Luxembourg

Graham Wright CBE

Senior Vice President Security and Cyber, Inmarsat

Florent Mazurelle

Principal Security Strategy Officer, Foresight, Strategy & Coordination Department, ESA

Marnix Dekker

Cybersecurity Expert, ENISA

Beyza Unal

Deputy Director, International Security Programme, Chatham House

Arfan Chaudhry

Deputy Director International Strategy and Regulation, BEIS Space Directorate, UK

Amy Mehlman

Vice President, US Government Affairs and Policy, Viasat

Mark Dickinson

Deputy CTO, Inmarsat

Christoph Kautz

Head of Unit, Secure Connectivity, Space Surveillance & Applications, European Commission

Marc-Henri Serre

Vice President, Telecommunications Business Line, Thales Alenia Space

Jean-Hubert Lenotte

Chief Strategy and Resources Officer, Eutelsat

Ruy Pinto

Chief Technology Officer, SES

Chris McLaughlin

Chief of Government, Regulation & Engagement, OneWeb

Gustav Kalbe

Head of Unit, High Performance Computing & Quantum Technology, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Aarti Holla-Maini

Secretary General, ESOA

Pierre Lionnet

Director of Research, Eurospace

Paul Counet

Head of Strategy, Communication and International Relations and Chef de Cabinet, EUMETSAT

Marc Tondriaux

Chairman, European Association of Remote Sensing Companies

Simonetta Cheli

Head of Strategy, Programme & Coordination Office, Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes, ESA

James Black

Research Leader, RAND Europe

Mark Dowell

Lead for European Commission Knowledge Centre, Joint Research Centre

Evert Dudok

Executive Vice President Communication, Intelligence and Security, Airbus Defence & Space

Sorin Ducaru

Director, SatCen

Jack Parrock

Brussels Correspondent, Euronews

Emmanuel Franc

Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Arianespace

Massimo Claudio Comparini

Deputy CEO, Thales Alenia Space Italia

Michal Brichta

Head, Slovak Space Office - Industry Branch

Géraldine Naja

Director Industrial Policy, Commercialisation, Procurement, ESA

Paraskevi Papantoniou

Head of Unit, Space Policy, DG DEFIS, European Commission

Olivier Lemaitre

Secretary General, ASD-Eurospace

André-Hubert Roussel

President, Eurospace

Stephen Spengler

Chairman, ESOA

Rodrigo da Costa

Executive Director, European Union Agency for the Space Programme

Josef Aschbacher

Director General, European Space Agency

Thierry Lefort

Director, PWC Strategy&

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iSSI® (intelligent Space System Interface) Modular Coupling Kit (from iBOSS GmbH)

Innovation in Space Award Finalist

Isar Aerospace Technologies GmbH

Innovation in Space Award Finalist

OKAPI:Orbits GmbH

Innovation in Space Award Finalist

CogniSat™(Ubotica Technologies Ltd)

Innovation in Space Award Finalist


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