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Nick McGirl

Co-Founder of ChangeMakersXchange

Federica Massa Saluzzo

Assistant Professor at EADA Business School

Laura Orestano

CEO at SocialFare

Merve Nur Okutan

Venture Championer, Ashoka

Mirna Karzen

Co-Founder & Director of Karzen & Karzen

Nikoline Arns

Co-Founder of DoinGud

Matt Boardman

Master of Ceremony

Charlotte Macken

Senior Manager of European Portfolio at Nesta Challenges

Dian-Jen Lin

Post Carbon Lab - 2020 Finalist

Marcio Carocho

SpraySafe - Winner 2019

Petra Kotuliakova

Women Tester Academy - Semi-Finalist 2017

Liliana Cunha

Programme Coordinator at Nesta Challenges

Valentina Superti

Director of Ecosystems II: Tourism & proximity at DG GROW

Perttu Pölönen

Futurist & author

Hubert Gambs

Deputy Director General at DG Grow

Laurent Hublet

Managing Director of Be Central

Dimitris Panopoulos

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

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Shaping Horizons

Innovation programmes to help young people build social enterprises

Snowball Effect

Training aspiring social entrepreneurs to replicate proven social businesses across Europe!


Helping to speed up the Green Revolution


Zekki helps improve young people wellbeing through a visually appealing digital platform.


Empowering people to turn their skills into careers

Happaning (ViiVids - Multi-Vantage Videos)

The evolution of the video-media format

ECOFRIENDLIA Extrusion Solutions

Developing innovative technology in 3-D printing

Academy of the Near Future

A Smart Cities Education Programme for TY students and local authorities


Digitalising VAT with real-time reporting


Just like school but even cooler! Learn interesting and practical elective subjects online.

Generation success

Removing barriers to careers in sustainability


Democratizing data analysis


Forward43 is an (online) marketplace that matches ‘supply’ (green social sustainable innovations) and ‘demand’ (industry sourcing buyers) to help enable and accelerate industries (B-2-B) swapping their current supply chain with green alternatives in a reliable, hassle-free and price-worthy way, utilizing the power of A.I.

Twin School 4 AI

Equipping children with must-have STEM skills for future professions.


A circular mini-village for and by students in central Portugal