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The Clean Fight Solution: Buildings Edition

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The Clean Fight NY

Helping Clean Energy Startups Scale In New York

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75F uses smart sensors and controls to make commercial buildings more efficient, healthy and comfortable than ever before.


BlocPower uses data, thermodynamic models, structured finance, and edge computing to electrify buildings, making them greener, smarter, and healthier.

CarbonCure Technologies

CarbonCure’s carbon utilization solution enables concrete producers to make concrete a climate solution & reduce embodied carbon in the built environment.


Enertiv increases net operating income at the portfolio-scale by digitizing operations, delivering actionable insights, and providing unprecedented transparency for owners and operators of commercial real estate


enVerid improves energy efficiency and indoor air quality in commercial and institutional buildings.

iHandal Energy Solutions

iHandal uses its proprietary technology to allow for hyper-efficient temperature control of buildings by capturing wasted heat and recycling it for heating or cooling.

Peak Power

Peak Power is revolutionizing how buildings interact with the electricity grid

Phase Change Solutions

Phase Change uses their unique heat storage materials to keep buildings at a consistent temperature, reducing heating and cooling needs.

Radiator Labs

Radiator Labs is a NYC-based hardware startup bringing steam heat into the 21st century. Be Comfortable, Get Cozy™