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The Chicago Children's Business Fair

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Proudly supported by


Rob Huge

Founder of Chicago Children's Business Fair and Greenfields Academy

Jett Reese

Founder of Jettees

Ephraim Zimmerman

Founder of School Wellness Screener

Mitchel Bleier

Chairperson of the Chicago Children's Business Fair

Ashley Laverty

Founding Artistic Director of Kerfuffle

The event is over

We create real world opportunities for young people to experience their true potential.

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Greenfields Academy

CCBF Gold Sponsor and Host

Hidden Gems Vendor Showcase

Maybe you missed these Hidden Gems! Shop now and support these great businesses.

George's Shoe Cleaning Kit

2 Things 2 New Things

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X Connections X

SALE!!! Get connected with your loved ones and make them feel special by getting them a bracelet or a crochet item.

Rebel Kids

Masks for the Rebel kid in you!


Keychains, Jewelry and More!

Lasting Learning

Get excited about learning that lasts!


5 Star Rated !!!

Rebel Readers

50% off SALE today!

Cady's Slimes

Slimes slimes slimes galore! Get yours today!

The Keme Clowns

Learn how to Juggle with The Keme Clowns


Name Decorations

Shoe Crew

Customized Shoes

Everything is better homemade!

Why store-bought when Homemade is possible?

Thakkar Tie-Dye

Get Tie-Dye Get Happier.


Care items for dog lovers

Zoe's Crafts

Zoe's Christmas Coasters and Masks!

North Park Financial Planning

CCBF Silver Sponsor

Showcase 5 Vendors

The group of business owners below will be at their booths on Sunday from 11:00am-12:30pm central time!

Thomas' Amazing Hats

Add some beauty to your head

Paint A Skyline

A creative way to use your imagination

Mia's Wonderful Watercolors

Keep in touch with others and yourself with beautiful watercolors!

Moo Muffins


Nino's Let's Cook

Get ready to cocinar!

Alex Ellison - Education Consulting | College Planning

CCBF Silver Sponsor

Showcase 2 Vendors

The group of business owners below will be at their booths on Saturday from 10:00-11:30am central time!

Rainbow Fun

Sparkly hats and colorful lotion - you're going to shine!

Bella's Graphics

Let's Write Postcards to Each Other!

That's My Jam

Life is better with jam in hand!

Alexsandra’s Entreprenurial Adventure

Feel extremely happy and safe with my fashion styles

TP Toys

Car kits from TP rolls

Creative Kits

Where Creativity Sparks


Stay Safe and Sweet!

Vanille Patisserie

CCBF Silver Sponsor

Showcase 3 Vendors

The group of business owners below will be at their booths on Saturday from 1:00-2:30pm central time!

Miscellaneous Masks

Put this on. Put a smile on your face

Siren Soap

Clean in style

Flying Fantasies

Art and merchandise for dragon lovers

Covered in Comics

Super heroes all day every day


Smell better with me

Operation Cake

Because Life is Better with a Cupcake in Hand

Hair Helpers

"Scrunchies For All Occasions"

Evelyn's Earrings

looking elegant while wearing Evelyn's earrings

Molly's Mask Holders

keep your clean mask of of the ditty ground

Showcase 1 Vendors

The group of business owners below will be at their booths on Friday from 6:30-8:00pm central time!

Perfect Pancakes

These pancakes have been practicing, and practice makes perfect

606 Art

SALE ITEMS NOW! Great Art for Great People!

Wallflower Designs

Give yourself the confidence to stand out online

MT's Art Compound

Where intricate art, bright colors and delicious desserts meet


come on down and buy some paleo bread because its good.

Hot-Chocolate Bombs

Warm up your day!

Radio Gaga

A STEM kit that teaches how to make an actual radio.

Kammy's Krafts

Learn to make crafts

Happy Bon Bon

The Perfect Holiday Desert

Owenaments - By Owen

Remember 2020 with an Owenament!

Paige's Barkery

Dog treats that your puppy will love

LYRIQ Music School

CCBF Silver Sponsor

Showcase 4 Vendors

The group of business owners below will be at their booths on Saturday from 3:00-4:30pm central time!


Tees for Equality

Portrait Wizardry

Bringing your images to Life

Sparkle Fun

Sparkle for a Cause: Feed My Starving Children


A clothing brand about freedom of expression and fun times.

Aiden's Nerd Shop

Your tabletop needs for D&D or Warhammer 40k!

Lunar lips

original gloss by lunar lips

Sew Beautiful

Beautiful gifts for beautiful people

Ranger Outpost

Whether fishing or hiking. Outside is always better.

Pre Brands

CCBF Silver Sponsor

Animal Farm

Merch from CCBF performer - Animal Farm