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The Brainstorms Festival - BRAIN, MONEY & MACHINES (Digital Edition)

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Maria Teresa Ferretti

CSO Women's Brain Project

Buster Franken

CEO of FruitPunch AI

Christiane Druml

UNESCO Chair on Bioethics

Karin Dögl

Technology Transfer Team Lead

Pernille Tranberg

Co-founder of

Matthias Wibral

Associate Professor at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics

Christoph Guger

g.tec Neurotechnology

Kevin Mitchell

Associate Professor of Genetics and Neuroscience (Trinity College Dublin)

Priya Panda

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering (Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science)

Sabria Lagoun

CEO The Brainstorms Scientific

Ingrid Nieuwenhuis

Head of Science - Alpha.One

Giulio Rognini

Metaphysiks Engineering

Melanie Schranz

Senior Researcher at Lakeside Labs

Paul Dolan

Professor of Behavioural Science at London School of Economics

Russell Foster

Head of Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology (University of Oxford)

Ingrid Kelly

IST Cube

Demi Kuit

FruitPunch AI

Ava Mason

University College London - Educational YouTuber

Cliona Kelly

Black in Neuro

De-Shaine Murray

Black in Neuro

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We connect academic scientists, techmakers, businesses, and investors working on innovative neurotech projects.

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IST cube Venture Fund

IST cube invests in and supports deep-tech and life science startups that will transform the way we live

Flow Neuroscience

The new wave of mental health treatment


Making wellbeing accessible for everyone by enabling empathic people with a proven method and digital platform to help others.


Never feel alone again, hug a support group with people like you.


Motognosis - We understand motion.

Mindset Technologies

We predict attention

Machine Medicine Technologies

Platform Neurotechnology

MemComputing, Inc.

Breakthrough Computing Performance


Your ai, our mission

Learning to Sleep

World class digital treatment of sleeping disorder


A digital coach for anxiety

Providing digital mental help 24/4

Sensae ApS

Smart biofeedback technology for improved mental wellness


Make your sad child happy | a science-based app to improve your child's emotional competence through gamification


Improve Brain Health with VR

Nordic-Neurostim ApS

INCEDO™ Helps Stroke Patients Regain Walking

Selfit Medical

Therapist robot for the aging population


Digital therapist for people with facial paralysis


Objective Pain Assessment


Super-easy EEG data analysis

BIOS Health

Code the body can run


The brain sharpener. We apply neuroscience to improve your life.


Helpo empowers positive social change

NeuroTechX & NeuroTechX Services

The world's largest international neurotechnology ecosystem