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Cristina Serrao

Lived Experience Ambassador on the Co-production programme in the national Experience of Care team

Penny Pereira

Managing Director of Q at the Health Foundation.

Lesley Massey

Lesley Massey is the Chief Executive of Aqua, the Advancing Quality Alliance, a North West based NHS improvement agency

Helen Bevan

Special Advisor at NHS Horizons

Zoe Lord

Deputy Director NHS Horizons

Hugh Mccaughey

National Director of Improvement

Tim Ferris

Director of Transformation

Neil Turton

Director of Aqua

Ras Kahai

Clinical Associate for Horizons & Cardiorespiratory Dietitian

Scott Ballard-Ridley

Lived experience partner

Bev Matthews (Producer)

Clinical Lead for Transformation and Virtual Collaboration Programme Lead

Claire Parker

Senior Programme Lead (Health and Wellbeing)

Steph Thompson

Senior Health Improvement Advisor

Helen Lee

Experience of Care Professional Lead – Co-production

Alison Tweed

Research and Evaluation Lead NHS England & Improvement

David McNally


Kerry McGinty (Production team)

Production Project Manager at NHS Horizons

Kathryn Perera

Director of NHS Horizons

Natalie Mark

Q Initiative Managing Director

Carol Munt

Lived Experience Partner

Mark Agathangelou

Lived Experience Partner

Dr Bola Owolabi

Director – Health Inequalities

James Mountford

Director of National Improvement Strategy

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