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John Tschohl

#2 Global Guru for Customer Service (USA)

Bayo Igoh

Executive Business Coach (UK)

Steven Franks

Accountant & NDIS Specialist (AUS)

Joe Axline

Business "Reviews" (USA)

Eddie Foord

WHS Consultant Specialising in Sustainability (AUS)

Leah Fink

Social Worker specialising in Mental Health (Canada)

Bronwyn Williams

Salvation Army-Unconscious Bias Specialist (AUS)

Jenny Boymal

Human Resources Training Animator (AUS)

Dawn Cady

Australia’s Premiere Pain Freedom Coach

Racquell Rockley

WHS Consultant and Accident Investigator (AUS)

Evelyn Szumski

Executive Business Coach (AUS)

Jo Stevens

Zen Program Specialist (AUS)

Craig Fearn

Senior Member of European Mentoring & Coaching Council -Mental Health-(UK)

Karen Chaston

Former CFO of Publicly Listed company is now a Beyond Loss Expert (AUS)

Bill Carson

Executive Coach & Mental Health Specialist (AUS)

Donna Hensen

Aboriginal Cultural Consultant & Counsellor (AUS)

Arlaine Bermann

Information Technology Expert (AUS)

Chris Ward

South Pacific Leading Cyber Expert to Governments (NZ)

Alan Stevens

International Facial Profiler to Celebrities (AUS)

Rasti Vaibhav

Property Wealth Author & Buyers Agent (AUS)

Marisa Punshon

Business Profit and Cash Flow Accelerator-Finance Industry (AUS)

Michael de Haan

Behavioural Money Coach (AUS)

Sherri Dumbrell

Personal Money Coach (AUS)

Dr Peter Ellis

Business Growth Specialist (AUS)

Roy Dickan

Marketing Consultant for Business Start-Ups (USA)

Leanne Shelton

Content Marketing Consultant & Copywriter (AUS)

Tony Skinner

Podcasting Producer & Multi-Channel Marketing Consultant (AUS)

Cheryl Hayes

International Research Consultant (AUS)

Tobi Nagy

Entrepreneurship Coach (AUS, Fiji)

Terry Mullins

International Sales Trainer (UK)

Carla Caswell

International Marketing Consultant (UK)

Maria Pellicano

International Vocal Coach & Speaking Coach (AUS)

Melanie Wood

Business Storytelling Coach & Public Speaking (AUS)

Leanne Wyvill

Corporate Communication Trainer (AUS)

Aveline Clarke

Marketing Automation Consultant (AUS)

Corrina Lindby

Financial Counsellor & WHS Consultant -Founder of The Answer is Yes (AUS)

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The Answer is Yes

The Answer is Yes was founded to become a site that provides all the training needs of a business owner and their staff. Many business owners are paying expensive consulting fees or hiring specialist staff to fill a need in a business. Why pay consulting fees for information and training that we tell everyone. The alternative is online training courses with the requisite knowledge you need. Areas of specialty are: --Work Health & Safety --Human Resources --Business Systems --Personal Development --Business Development We want to be the business you turn to for ALL your Training Needs! We are doing an expo so you can meet our trainers and learn about the courses we have created...

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The Answer is Yes

For All Your Training Needs

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Assisting You and Your People to Thrive in All That You Do

Maria Pellicano

The Engaging Voice

Higher Purpose Accounting

Establishing robust financial management so you will achieve your higher purpose

Journey Point

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Essential Spending Planner

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