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The AdForum PHNX Tribute

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Philippe Paget, CEO Maydream / AdForum, welcomes you to this tribute and explains how the day will go.
· Sessions
TALK - Purpose is failing, how great brands win by putting people in charge
‘Who can you help me become?’ is the question you need to be asking and acting on to chart a new course for your company.
Thomas Kolster
· Stage
TALK - CREATIVITY’S SMARTER SISTER by Bas Korsten (Global CCO Wunderman Thompson)
Creativity is engrained in our brains as the driving force for growing brands. But believe me, there’s a better notion out there.
Bas Korsten
· Sessions
INTERVIEW - TikTok x International Advertising Association
Dagmara Szulce (IAA) interviewing Dave Byrne (TikTok) on "How to leverage user generated creativity to drive results"
Dagmara Szulce David Byrne
· Sessions
ACT Responsible - Ads for a better world
Advertising for good
Sophie Guerinet Lise Lefebvre Anais Vecino
· Sessions
Q&A Bas Korsten
Live Q&A with Bas Korsten
Bas Korsten
· Sessions
TALK - HERC community working with young & diverse talent
At HERC we believe in the future. Our young & diverse community. How to practice what we preach? And still make good work?
Emilio de Haan
· Sessions
TALK - What’s the future of advertising? Does neuroscience hold the answer? With HeyHuman
How does advertising really work, and why? How is neuroscience getting under the skin of what really matters in creative advertising? By HeyHuman
Neil Davidson Aoife McGuinness
· Sessions
TALK - Finding your pivot in the new renaissance
The world as we know it is changing. We need to PIVOT. And maybe finish off with an ice-cream or hot-dog.
sas saeidi
· Stage
TALK - Creativity as a force for good: How advertising changes thoughts, feelings and behaviours by Trevor Robinson
Advertising as a catalyst: Trevor’s vision is underpinned by values of diversity, inclusivity and empathy.
Trevor Robinson
· Stage
INTERVIEW - Building Back Better. The Future of Advertising, with Keith Weed
Former Unilever CMCO Keith Weed will talk about about how brands can build the very best advertising and marketing campaigns.
Janet  Hull Keith Weed
· Sessions
Q&A with Trevor Robinson
Live Q&A with Trevor Robinson
Trevor Robinson
· Sessions
No rest for the wicked: Why China did not pause marketing during COVID-19 with Qumin
While many Western brands paused their campaigns to strategise, brands in China kept communicating with their consumers. Why? with Qumin
Arnold Ma
· Stage
WORKSHOP - How to infect people with laughter
Providing insights and valuable input about something contagious but…not at all dangerous (most of the time): LAUGHTER. Aka the best medicine.
Ravid Kuperberg
· Sessions
INTERVIEW - Mark Engelen interviews Imke Lighthart on her project 'Valley of the moon'
imke ligthart Mark Engelen
· Sessions
Ford: Electrifying the future with Chrome Productions and Ford
What creative freedom comes with a trusting partnership between brand and production studio with Chrome Productions and Ford.
Emma Bergg Joel Mishcon
· Stage
Announcement GOLD winners all categories - did you rise & shine?
· Stage
DEBATE - Grand Prix
Follow the live debate with our top notch jurors
· Stage
Announcement Grand Prix AdForum PHNX Tribute


Anais Vecino

Social Media and Event Manager at ACT Responsible

Lise Lefebvre

ACT Responsible Internship

Sophie Guerinet

ACT Responsible Co-founder

Trevor Robinson

Owner, quietstorm

Janet Hull

UKAEG, Chair

Mark Engelen

Photographer | Director | Visual consultant

Aisling Conlon

Marketing Manager, UKAEG

Keith Weed

President, Advertising Association and former CMCO, Unilever

imke ligthart

Photographer, winner SO Awards 2020

Emma Bergg

Global EV Communications Manager at Ford Motor Company

Emilio de Haan

Founding/Creative Partner at HERC the agency

Joel Mishcon

Managing Director, Chrome Productions

Arnold Ma

CEO, Qumin

Aoife McGuinness

Neuroscience Consultant, HeyHuman

Neil Davidson

CEO, HeyHuman

Dagmara Szulce

Global Executive Director of International Advertising Association

David Byrne

ByteDance | TikTok | Ex-Google | Storytelling & Presentation Coach

sas saeidi

Global Partner-Nestlé @ WPP/WundermanThompson

Bas Korsten

Global Chief Creative Officer Wunderman Thompson

Thomas Kolster

Mr. Goodvertising - Marketing activist & advisor, sustainability normaliser, international speaker & author

Ravid Kuperberg

structured creative thinking trainer & speaker

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AdForum PHNX Tribute

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