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TerpSummit 2021: Fit for the Future

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Rachel Luxon-Robinson

Body Control Pilates Instructor and Vocal Coach

Jackie Lynch

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Roxane Hugues


Jose Sentamans Pla

Co-coordinator of WISE Interpreting Workshops

Matthew Perret

Interpreter, trainer and writer-performer

Ruth Kearns Wollmann

Leadership Development Coach

Julia Poger

Interpreter, Interpreter Trainer

Naomi Bowman

CEO of DS-Interpretation, Inc.

Maria Karakostanoglou

Specialised Kinesiology, Core Energetics body psychotherapy

Maha El-Metwally

Conference Interpreter & Trainer

kirsty Bilton

Lead Practitioner at Mind Matters for Education

Sophie Llewellyn Smith

Organiser, interpreter, coach, chocolate-lover

Annie Xystouris

Health Coach

Marco Naglieri

Rafiky Account Manager

Catriona Howard

Conference Interpreter & Trainer

Martina Eco

Owner and Director of 3P Translation, Senior Marketing Translator

Raquel Schaitza

Interpreter trainer and translator

Andy Gillies

freelance interpreter and interpreter trainer

Alexandra Hemingway

Careers Adviser

Andrea Creator 360 Team

Conference Interpreter, Translator, Interpreting Trainer

Chris Guichot de Fortis

Staff interpreter and trainer, co-director of the Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course

Barry Olsen

Professor at the Middlebury Institute and VP of Client Success at KUDO

Martine Bonadona

Conference interpreter, Consultant interpreter

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo

Translator and Online Presence Coach for T&I Professionals

Alexander Drechsel

Conference interpreter and technology trainer

Gabriela Bocanete

Holistic Health Coach, Conference Interpreter, Interpreter Trainer

Federica Mamini

Interpreter, trainer, foodie

Ailsa Gudgeon

Vocal Coach

Josh Goldsmith

Conference interpreter and technology trainer

Judy Jenner

Interpreter trainer

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TerpSummit 2021: your comprehensive toolkit for a lasting, successful interpreting career.


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Ruth Kearns Wollmann

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Annie Xystouris

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Ailsa Gudgeon

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