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TEDxSFU 2020: Unravel

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· Sessions
Day 1: Segment 1
Opening Remarks by Ilhan Abdullahi; Speakers Juan Aguilar, Rana Faryad Ali
Rana Faryad Ali Juan Aguilar
· Sessions
Day 1: Segment 2
Performance: The Escapes; Speakers Martin Bouchard, Emerald Unruh
Emerald UnRuh Martin Bouchard
· Sessions
Day 1: Segment 3
Performance: MAD Jazz Band; Speakers Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy, Yabome Gilpin-Jackson; Day 1 Closing Remarks
Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, Ph.D. Elisabeth Ormandy, Ph.D.
· Sessions
Day 2: Segment 1
Opening Remarks by Ilhan Abdullahi; Speakers Lee Beavington, Tystan Jones
Lee Beavington Trystan Jones
· Sessions
Day 2: Segment 2
Performance: Laterdays; Speakers Kip Chow, Meagan Woods
Kip Chow Meagan Woods
· Sessions
Day 2: Segment 3
Performance: Royal Oak; Speakers La Carmina, Raaj Chatterjee; Day 2 Closing Remarks
La Carmina Raaj Chatterjee


Emerald UnRuh

Indigenous Advocate

Raaj Chatterjee

Research Assistant & Master’s Candidate at SFU eBrain Laboratory

Trystan Jones

Health Care Worker and Racial/Climate Advocate

Elisabeth Ormandy, Ph.D.

Scientist, Educator, and Animal Welfare/Ethics Professional

Juan Aguilar

Business Administration Graduate Student

Yabome Gilpin-Jackson, Ph.D.

Human/Organization Development Thinker + Leader

Rana Faryad Ali

PhD student/researcher in Nanotechnology, Materials Chemistry/Nanomaterials Engineering

Meagan Woods

Writer, Choreographer, Costume Designer

Kip Chow

Autistic Educator

Lee Beavington

Biologist, Instructor and Learning Strategist

Martin Bouchard

Professor of Criminology

La Carmina

Travel, Fashion and Culture Blogger, Writer, and TV host

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TEDxSFU is an annual event held in Vancouver, B.C. promoting ideas worth spreading.

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