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TEDxNortheasternU 2020

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Shadi Emam

Improving Inefficiencies of Disease Detection

Riddhi Samtani

Small Islands are in Danger if we Don’t Act NOW

Sajni Vederey

Breaking Barriers in a Divided Education System

Vanita Fitzwater

Level Up: Becoming The Hero of Your Story

Claire Williams

Ecological Impact Through a Microscopic Lens

Laura Mueller-Soppart

How Young People Can Save Democracy: Work the Polls

Klevis Xharda

How Young People Can Save Democracy: Work the Polls

Ashley Keeney

Is your “Best Self” Virtual?

Harshad Sathaye

Securing Skies: Propelling Cybersecurity in Aviation

Steven Braun

The Privilege and Responsibility of Seeing Radically

Sri Krishnamurthy

The Unconventional YOU Defines YOU

Vidhan Bhaiya

Channeling your Inner Cockroach to Put your Best Foot Forward

Rachel Cossar

The Muscle of Reinvention: Building on Past Identities

Darin Detwiler

Inspiring Change: Harnessing the Hidden Hercules

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TEDxNortheasternU is being created in the spirit of TED’s mission of Ideas Worth Spreading to Northeastern University.

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TEDx Speaker Q/A

What I learned from my first TEDx Talk + Q/A with Sri Krishnamurthy

TEDx Speaker Session

Data Visualization with Steven Braun: Projects and Process

IDEA: Venture Accelerator

IDEA x Brinsley with TEDx Speaker Vidhan Bhaiya

Yoga with Nicole Klaey

Take a break and try Yoga


Projects @ Sandbox

Career Design Resume Workshop

Learn how to build a fantastic resume with this workshop.

Amrit Ramesh on Machine Learning

Past, Present, Future: Machine Learning from a VC Lens


Impact Investing: The Power of Purposeful Capital

AI Skunkworks - Research, Collaborate, Innovate

Why should you do research in AI & ML with us?

Husky Environmental Action Team

HEAT Do it in the Dark Energy Kahoot!

TAMID Group at Northeastern University

TAMID Tech Consulting Project Demo

NU Actuarial Club

What Do Actuaries Do & How We Impact Our Society

NU Dining

NU Dining Tasting Menu

Darin Detwiler

Corporate and Media Response to Public Health Events

NEU Amnesty

Learn how to vote, how voting works, and why it's important.

Virtual Bookshelf

xLab: TEDxNortheasternU Recommendations

Innovators for Global Health

Global Healthcare Delivery: Ethiopia/Surgical Lamp IGH Project

Podcast Playlist

Come see what the TEDxNortheasternU team listens to

NUSTEP - Service Dog Laws and Regulations

Come learn the rights, laws, and regulations regarding service dogs.

Secret to Public Speaking

xLab: TED's secret to great public speaking | Chris Anderson

Spotify Playlist

Come listen to the Spotify event playlist!

TEDx Speaker Q/A

Rachel Cossar & Darin Detwiler Q/A

TEDx Speaker Session

Communicating data through information design

IDEA: Venture Accelerator

IDEA: Start your Entrepreneurial Journey

Career Design LinkedIn Workshop

Learn how to build and network with your LinkedIn.


Racial Inequality in Corporate America

DATA Club: Bayesian Machine Learning

Understanding What We Don't Know

Origami with Kyoka Allen

xLab: Recreating the TEDxNortheasternU set with ORIGAMI