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TEDx HWZ 2021 - Shaping the future with different perspectives

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Peter Bolliger

"What it means to follow your enthusiasm"

Mylène Thiébaud

"How to de-dramatize failure and turn it into success?"

Kevin Loetscher

"The playmaker ist YOU"

Patrick Heinz

"Change your world by changing perspectives"

Jean-Philippe Hagmann

“How our striving for data constantly undermines agility”

Angela Matthes

"Power of vulnerability"

Tabea Oppliger

“Social Business: The Balancing Act Between Head and Heart”

Swen Sponagel

„How cannabis can help to feed 10bn people by 2050“

Andrea Bircher

“Why you should consider your work as an opportunity for a more relaxed family life”

Julian Däster

“Sustainable nutrition without thinking”

Stefan Frenademez

“Unexpected - Everything as it comes”

Son Nguyen

”What you should pass on to your children”

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Shaping the future with different perspectives


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It’s your money.

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HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich

HWZ – the largest university with exclusive focus on part-time education in economics in Switzerland.