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TEDxKULeuven: Entering a New Era | Are We Ready for the Future?

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Peter Hinssen

The 'never normal' that we live in

Kenneth Van Den Bergh

Why accountants will solve climate change

Katrien Kolenberg

Making sense of the cosmos

Mattias Losoli

How to do more in less time

Eddy Willems

Diskettes with a story: the basics of cybersecurity

Pieter Verstraete

The power of silence in education reform

Oliver Perquy

Going beyond the cup: securing a future for coffee and for farmers

Philip Van Impe

Leaders for the future

Alea Fairchild

Finding your feet

Stijn Vanoppen

Why paying tax is a privilege

Yves Slachmuylders

Why you should learn how to learn

Wouter Denayer

AI: a blessing or a curse?

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TEDx Speaker Interview — Stijn Vanoppen

An exclusive post-talk interview with Stijn Vanoppen

TEDx Speaker Interview — Philip Van Impe

An exclusive post-talk interview with Philip Van Impe

TEDx Speaker Interview — Kenneth Van den Bergh

An exclusive post-talk interview with Kenneth Van den Bergh

X-tra Time Podcast #27

Episode #27 (DUTCH): Johan Op De Beeck — Een Geschiedenis van Grootse Figuren

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Episode #14:Tom Vos — What Makes a Good Negotiator?

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