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Techstars Montréal AI - 2020 Live Showcase

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Justine Marchand (TS Montréal AI)

Techstars Montréal AI - Sr. Program Manager

Cédric Tawil

Director of Business Development at Montréal International

Bertrand Charry

Co-founder & Lead Marine Biologist at Whale Seeker

Amira Boutouchent

Co-Founder & CEO at BRIDGR

Peter George

Co-founder Neurolytixs

Adrian Uthay

Co-founder Neurolytixs

Margo Wu

Lead Investor at Georgian

Katy Yam

Managing Director at FounderFuel

Bruno Morency

Techstars Montréal AI - Managing Director

Gonçalo Martins Ribeiro

Co-Founder & CEO at Ydata

Alain Sirois

Co-Founder & CTO at Wisear

Antoine Gagné

Co-Founder & CTO at Whale Seeker

Eric Guillaume

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer at Veesual AI

Damien Meurisse

Co-Founder & CTO at Veesual AI

Stephen Goddard

Co-founder & COO at Troj AI

Fabien Durand

Head of Marketing at Deepflow

Naman Maheshwari

Co-Founder & COO at Nimblebox

Rohan Pooniwala

Co-Founder & CTO at Nimblebox

Mehdi Drissi

Co-Founder & CTO at BRIDGR

Fabiana Clemente

Co-Founder & Chief Data Officer at YData

Yacine Achiakh

Co-Founder & CEO at Wisear

Emily Charry Tissier

Co-Founder & CEO at Whale Seeker

Maxime Patte

Co-Founder & CEO at Veesual AI

James Stewart

Co-Founder & CEO at Troj AI

Paul Wynter

Founder & CEO at Syntax IQ

Anshuman Pandey

Co-Founder & CEO at Nimblebox

Vincent Van Steenbergen

Co-Founder & CEO at Deepflow

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Unleash your potential, embrace the digital transformation of your business


Visual inspection platform for automated quality control in manufacturing


We aim to diagnose concussions by using machine learning to look for key neurological biomarkers.


Work 10x faster on your AI Projects


Generate SEO Optimized Product Content In Seconds

Troj AI

Protecting AI assets from adversarial attacks

Veesual AI

Foster engagement with image personalization at scale. Powered by Generative AI

Whale Seeker

Accelerating visual whale detection


Let your mind be in control


Improved and synthetic data for AI