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Cooper Hardy

Senior Business Development Manager at Savi

Fereshteh Amarsy

Engagement Manager

Mona Mirakhor

Startup Sourcing Manager, Global Industry Solutions at Techstars

Chris Czerwonka

Founder & CEO at Mosabi

Andrew Katzwinkel

CEO at LayUp Technologies

Kevin Mobolade

CEO at Swipe Credit

Tony Aguilar


Christian Duffus

CEO & Founder at Fonbnk

Michael Broughton

CEO at Perch Credit

Nate Gruendemann

CEO at Challenger

Maurice Iwunze

Co-Founder at SympliFi

Akshay Krishnaiah

CEO at Line

David Potter

CEO @ Curu

Hedi Mardisoo

CEO & Co-Founder at Cachet

Nick Sky

Co-Founder at ChangEd

Kevin Gabayan

CEO & Co-Founder at Plentina Inc.

Dennis Cail

CEO at Zirtue

Philip Haglund

CEO & Founder at Gimi

Aaron Smith

Co-Founder at Savi

Chris Suppa

Senior Vice President, Business Development at FlexWage Solutions

Wole Coaxum

CEO/Founder at Mobility Capital Finance

Rodney Williams

Co-Founder @LISNR + @SoLoFunds

Maelle Gavet

CEO at Techstars

Peter Stoute-King

Industry Practice Lead - FinTech

Marla Blow

President and Chief Operating Officer at Skoll Foundation

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The Techstars worldwide network helps entrepreneurs succeed.



We are building the Affirm or Afterpay for the emerging markets with the aim to unlock financial services for billions.

SoLo Funds, Inc.

SoLo = Social Loans: In community we trust.


Unlock your potential

Mobility Captial Finance, Inc. (MoCaFi)

MoCaFi Mobility Bank Account and MoCaFi Mobility Debit Mastercard®

ChangEd App

Master your Debt- $18,000,000 paid off towards student debt and counting!


Cachet is a financial services marketplace for the gig workers.

FlexWage Solutions, LLC

FlexWage provides employers with financial wellness and pay solutions that bring employees much needed peace of mind.


Curu helps lenders and loan marketplaces grow their new accounts by recovering their rejected applicants.

Savi Solutions, PBC

More Insights, Less Pain

Swipe Credit

The payment platform for profitable social impact

Gimi AB

Equipping the next generation with Financial Superskills®

LayUp Technologies

Digitised Payment Plans for E-commerce & Point of Sale

Line Financial

Cash Now Pay Later


Digital financial services for the global diaspora


A relationship-based lending app that simplifies loans between friends & family with an automatic loan repayment process


Unlocking financial opportunities through innovative learning.


Challenger powers financial products for a America’s workforce.

Perch Credit

Build credit with your recurring expenses.


We help student loan borrowers discover the best repayment plan, forgiveness program, & chip away at their debt faster!