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Techfair at Berkeley

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2020-12-05T11:00:00Z 2020-12-05T11:10:00Z America/Los_Angeles Opening Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Speaker: Ankit Jain
Ankit Jain (EECS BS/MS '08) is the Founder & CEO of Infinitus Systems and former Founding Partner at Gradient Ventures (Google).
Ankit Jain
2020-12-05T11:10:00Z 2020-12-05T12:00:00Z America/Los_Angeles Speaker%3A+Ankit+Jain Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Maker Showcase at Expo Booths [SESSION 1]
Check out some of our makers at their expo booths! Filter by Session 1 teams.
2020-12-05T12:00:00Z 2020-12-05T14:00:00Z America/Los_Angeles Maker+Showcase+at+Expo+Booths+%5BSESSION+1%5D Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Sponsor Product Demo & Recruiting Infosession: Camus Energy
2020-12-05T13:00:00Z 2020-12-05T13:30:00Z America/Los_Angeles Sponsor+Product+Demo+%26+Recruiting+Infosession%3A+Camus+Energy Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Speaker: Dwight Crow (CEO Whisper.AI)
Dwight Crow - current Founder & CEO of Whisper.AI and former president CSUA @ UC Berkeley.
Dwight Crow
2020-12-05T14:00:00Z 2020-12-05T14:30:00Z America/Los_Angeles Speaker%3A+Dwight+Crow+%28CEO+Whisper.AI%29 Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Expo
Maker Showcase at Expo Booth [SESSION 2]
Check out some of our makers at their expo booths! Filter by Session 2 teams.
2020-12-05T14:30:00Z 2020-12-05T16:30:00Z America/Los_Angeles Maker+Showcase+at+Expo+Booth+%5BSESSION+2%5D Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Sponsor Product Demo & Recruiting Infosession: Yugabyte
2020-12-05T15:00:00Z 2020-12-05T15:30:00Z America/Los_Angeles Sponsor+Product+Demo+%26+Recruiting+Infosession%3A+Yugabyte Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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2020-12-05T16:30:00Z 2020-12-05T17:00:00Z America/Los_Angeles Closing Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Ankit Jain


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Techfair is UC Berkeley's premier conference for student makers.

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Mobile Developers of Berkeley [HELP DESK]

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The Leading High-Performance Distributed SQL DB.

Camus Energy

Grid Management Software as a Service: Through our open source software platform, Camus Energy empowers utilities and energy providers to address the challenges of today while laying the foundation for tomorrow.

Angel Invent

Angel Invent is a community-based platform that connects the world's creative minds with experienced investors. High school student? Senior citizen? It doesn't matter. If you have an idea, we have a place for you. Whether it be through interest-based communities or connecting founders with investors, Angel Invent transforms people with ideas into entrepreneurs with products.

Blackbook University

Blackbook University is a diversity and inclusion platform designed to empower Black students with tools that support professional and academic enrichment.

Blossom VR

Blossom VR is a game that aims to creatively enhance meditation and relaxation experiences in virtual reality. Inspired by the effectiveness of biofeedback treatments, we developed a minimal viable product that utilizes the users’ movements in VR and optionally Apple Watch biosensor data to provide feedback about how well the user is performing a relaxation technique as well as the users’ improvement over time.

Bytes Robotics

Bytes is a low-cost versatile autonomous mobile robotics platform that offers a well integrated perception, control, and navigation suite and a highly modular utility dock for rapid application to an array of tasks.


Calective is the central platform for Berkeley course resources.


Circal is a fun and easy way to discover new people at your school. It curates a list of peers who share similar passions, among other things such as majors, academic interests, clubs, etc. You can also join groups based on your hobbies and academic interests. An exciting feature that we already have is meeting new students through live video chatting. As we add more UCs, students will not only be able to discover peers at their school, but also other schools as well if they choose to! -There are currently 500 Berkeley students using the app and our goal is to add another UC school before December.


Compass is an NLP-driven, HIPAA-compliant, SMS-based COVID-19 triaging platform for lower-income populations. Users can simply text our system and answer a series of physician curated questions to assess their risk of having COVID-19. The users are then directed to the nearest affordable testing clinic while the data is securely stored in our database to identify geographical, financial, symptomatological factors driving COVID-19 transmission in lower-income areas.


The CrunchTime platform is built to empower students and promote academic success by combining intelligent business solutions with innovative technology. Our primary feature is the CrunchTime library dashboard, utilizing Google Maps API and IoT systems to display live library occupancy data. This effective social distancing management tool allows users to freely explore open study spots at local universities, as well as discover convenient library resources.


At DeWaste, we are making data driven food waste management solutions for restaurants and dining institutions. We do that by making devices with cameras, weighing scales and other sensors that get seamlessly integrated into the restaurants’ workflows and automatically collect data about food waste. This data gets analyzed and is displayed on a dashboard with actionable insights into reducing food waste.


Edifi aims to better expose budding high school, middle school, and even elementary students to industry through facilitating connections between academic instructors and industry proffesionals.


EdVisorly is an EdTech startup created to help aspiring community college students successfully transfer to their target 4-year university. EdVisorly leverages the latest technology to empower students to explore transfer options across California public universities. We aim to decrease drop-out rates within California community colleges by decreasing the amount misinformation, confusion, and time spent planning for transfer students.


Event+ is an email extension that revolutionizes the way events are received and visualized. If now sorting out events and deciding which ones to register for is a time consuming task -- and particularly overwhelming during Covid -- with Event+, all of the invitations can be accessed in one place. No need to scroll up and down your email inbox opening each email to look for events that you want to attend, no need to worry that you will miss event deadlines. Event+ will be accessed by clicking on an icon on the left side of your Gmail inbox (it will work with Outlook as well). Once you click on the icon, a side tab will pop up (similar to Google’s Calendar add-in). The events will appear in a chronological order and will include the option to register, cancel, share, or expand them to a bigger window. When clicking on ‘register’, the event will automatically be added to your calendar with no need to open additional tabs and fill out more forms. School departments, HRs, professionals, and students will be able not only to visualize events, but also to create new ones by clicking on a button at the bottom of the event extension.


Fibonia is the first-of-its-kind platform that connects college students looking for that extra help in their courses, to their peers (as tutors) who’ve taken those exact courses and are willing to help their peers. Tutors can set their own prices and work at their own time, thus minimizing disruption to their studies, yet giving them a way to use their knowledge to support themselves.


Findatime makes it easy to schedule group meetings. With one click calendar integration, beautiful event dashboards, and more, FindaTime make event scheduling faster and easier than ever.


As freshmen entering college in a virtual semester, we have felt very disconnected from campus and our peers. It's extremely difficult to make friends over Zoom, especially those with shared interests. Although there are several "friend matching" applications, a lot of them are notorious for dating rather than platonic or networking relationships. Plus, we realized that there is a lot of subconscious bias when swiping through pictures, so we wanted to create an application that is centered around personality to help facilitate friendships.


At GEM, we’re focused on empowering women and providing them with more control over any situation they are faced with, by developing wearable technology for personal safety that checks all the boxes: discreet, customizable, and affordable. Gone are the days of loud, blaring alarms and bulky safety devices—we’re working on building out accessories (think convenient watch app and sleek bluetooth earring) that suit any woman in any situation, whether they’re safe, in an emergency, or faced with anything in-between. Our goal is to make safety a right—not a burden, and we’ll keep innovating to make this a reality.

Hog Pub

Realizing the struggles with setting up virtual socials during the global health pandemic, we wanted to create an icebreakers game focused on team-work and interactiveness. The platform has videochatting and texting functionality, and offers organizations an organized and easy solution to group socials. Currently, we are conducting MVP testing through custom Among Us game lobbies.


In the midst of a global pandemic and the climate crises, a group of eight idealist students from four continents came together to build Impactify - a social impact app that shows concrete actions that allow everyone to be a changemaker. Our app allows users to learn about social or environmental causes and, most importantly, find suitable ways to take action to contribute to change. Impactify is not only an app but also a movement to raise awareness, educate, and mobilize young people for social justice action. We empower individuals to shape the future positively and redefine what it means to be a changemaker.


Profits are uncertain and volatile for Bitcoin miners using the most sophisticated hedging products that exist today. Thus, Bitcoin mining is limited to those with the financial cushion to absorb losses. Klade allows Bitcoin miners to protect their businesses from a drop in profits by allowing them to hedge against the Bitcoin hash rate.


Colleges currently have clunky and disconnected tools that don’t inform, engage, or facilitate collaboration. Students have to painfully navigate a mess of websites and apps. That is why we, a group of student innovators, came together and started a journey ‘Mate’ that is ambitious to reimagine the virtual university experience. Mate is a highly centralized platform for students to virtually connect for all their academic and social needs simply at the tap of their fingertip! Our platform optimizes artificial intelligence to bring to you timely resources and university related assistance at any point of time. Our goal is to ensure that you always have a ‘mate’ by your side!


Machine Learning tool to predict the virality of Youtube Videos based on features including title, thumbnail and trending topics.


Necto is an anonymous social media mobile application combined with gaming elements for only college students. You will be earning real-life store discounts, matching with strangers, and accomplishing missions posted by other users or potential recruiters.


PasteCode is a Mac app that allows software developers to quickly copy and paste code snippets from sites like StackOverflow.


Politiq is a digital platform connecting individuals, political professionals, and local political campaigns, matching talented, interested citizens with job opportunities while providing campaigns a platform from which to scale their operation.

Program yoUr Future (PUF)'s PlayBots Educational Technology

Through my project, Program yoUr Future, I have carefully engineered educational technologies that are broadening the participation, interest, and achievement of traditionally underrepresented students in the STEM and Computer Science fields. I have leveraged machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to curated personalized and effective learning pathways for my students and boost their interests, achievements, and aptitudes in this field. My educational platform, tools, and games can accessed from anywhere around the world and have empowered over 4000 middle and high school students to date.


There’s no better way to learn to cook than from a friend. Provecho is the new social media app for foods and flavors that lets you recreate your friend’s meals (and beyond) instantly.


India's first WhatsApp-based customer service and workflow management app for small businesses. Customers can schedule services and get live status tracking. Businesses can easily manage technicians, customers, and gain data-driven business insights.


SKUVision is an intelligent inventory management platform that provides a "no-code" solution for inventory tracking and visibility. We provide an easy-to-use ERP solution for SMBs and large supply chain, finance, and sales divisions with predictive forecasting analytics.

Founded in July 2020, is a website that helps Berkeley students easily navigate through clubs at Cal given the diversity and volume of student organizations on campus. The team at envisioned a centralized platform that helps incoming students quickly settle into college, find their niche, and discover who they truly are! Our beta site was launched on August 28, 2020. Since then, we have generated 200+ club registrations, 3.8k unique users, and 140k page views. Currently, our team is working diligently towards releasing the official platform for the UC Berkeley student community at the beginning Spring 2021 semester!

Building machine learning models to assist in drug discovery. Specially focused on cancer immunology and CAR T-cell discovery.


Loneliness has been found to increase the risk of developing dementia by as much as 20%. In today's world, the number of people living alone has dramatically increased and will continue to increase, which means cases of Dementia will rise. That is why I wanted to create Tatsuro, a robot that will be a loyal companion and best friend for a user, so we can work together to stop and lower a person's risk to getting Alzheimers/Dementia.

Think Outside the Odds

Think Outside the Odds is a book that tells the stories of 13 underdog entrepreneurs whose disadvantages fueled their innovation. It’s your toolkit for achieving the impossible.

Triton Robosub

Our project is an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle designed to compete in an annual competition to complete an obstacle course. Established in 2018, we managed to reach the semifinals in our first year. We are also currently working on making our robot modular in order to make it applicable to other projects we are working on, including FishSense, a method of monitoring fish populations using depth imaging technology, as well as SeaThru, software capable if implementing real-time color correction of underwater images.


Have you ever been excited to travel with your friends, just to have the planning process turn that excitement into stress, frustration, and confusion? Voyage aims to address the needs of group travelers by making a centralized hub for everything travel planning. It’s as easy as creating an event, inviting your friends, and allowing Voyage to create travel plans that your whole group will love.