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Amy Quinn

Teagasc Pig Development Department (PDD) Specialist Advisor

Aisling Holmes

Research Technician

Ger McCutcheon

Teagasc Pig Development Department (PDD) Specialist Advisor

Louise Clarke

Teagasc Pig Development Department (PDD) Specialist Advisor

Ciaran Carroll

Head of Pigs Knowledge Transfer at the Teagasc Pig Development Department

Tomás Ryan

Farm Manager

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Teagasc Virtual Pig Week 2021

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Molly Harrison

WelSure: The feasibility of a pig welfare assurance scheme in Ireland

Shilpi Misra

Waterworks - Water foot-printing & water use reduction of Irish pig production

Jordi Camp Montoro

PIGFEED - Introducing new feeding programs and facilities for Irish finishing pigs

Florence Viard

Realising the full potential of liquid feeding to reduce the feed cost per kg in pigs WetFeed2

Shiv Vasa

MonoGutHealth- Improving the survival and growth of piglets from large litters: manipulation of colostrum and milk, and provision of supplemental milk

Juan Ortiz

ZINCO - Effects of therapeutic zinc oxide on the microbiome, resistome and immune system of pigs and strategies to face ZnO withdrawal

Lorcan O'Neill

AMURAP - Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in Animal Production

Keely Halpin

PigNutriStrat - Internal biosecurity measures in farrowing houses

Pauline Lichou

Nutritional and management strategies for healthy porcine offspring: improve the health, growth and efficiency of piglets born into large litters

Elisa Arnaud

PigNutriStrat - Nutritional and management strategies to improve growth and limit antimicrobial usage in pigs pre and post-weaning

Martyna Lagoda

SowWeanWel - Implications of chronic stress for sow reproductive performance, welfare, and offspring resilience

Roberta Maria D’Alessio

PigNoDock - Development and implementation of a tail biting risk assessment tool on commercial pig farms

Mario Ornelas

BM-FARM: Biomarkers and Microbiome in Farms for Antimicrobial Resistance Management